15w40 Motor Oil

15w40 is a multi-grade oil; which means that it meets the standards for both 15w and 40w at their respective temperatures. Multi-grade oils were developed to avoid the need to change oil from winter and summer. Viscosity means how thick or fluid the oil ...Read More

Express Oil Change Prices

The Express oil company is an American based oil company that deals with tires and general automotive services which was founded in 1979 in Alabama, United States. Although it was sold to Golden Gate Capital, it remains to be one of the largest oil ...Read More

Walmart Oil Change Prices

These are the latest oil change prices Walmart claims for their auto service packages. First, a bit about the company… Walmart is such a huge multi-national retail giant that does not require any introduction. Founded in 1962, this chain of of hypermarkets, grocery stores ...Read More