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The following is about Castrol oil change coupons, prices, locations and hours. Many people who are in the know opine that in order to keep your vehicle in good working condition for a long while, you need to change your oil every 3,000 miles. Still others say that you have to do this only if you drive under harsh and relentless driving conditions. The need to change oil is not as great if you drive only under “normal” conditions.  However, if you look deeply into what is defined as normal – driving on highways on well-paved roads which are free from dust – it seems safe to say that everybody drives under non-normal conditions.

Harsh conditions include journeys covering ten miles or less, driving which calls for recurrent use of brakes – stop-and-go driving which is usual in any city, roads filled with dust and grime, trailer-towing, and extended lengths of time where your engine remains in idle-mode.

As most of us seem to drive under at least one condition characterized as harsh or severe, it seems logical that we need to change oil every 3,000 miles or so in order to keep our vehicle in good working condition. Regular maintenance-procedures, especially oil change is necessary to lengthen the verve of your engine.

    Castrol Oil Change Prices

    Prices are limited to 5 quarts (qt)
    Standard GTX Blend

    • 10W-30, 5W-30, 5W-20

    • 3 Months / 3,000 Miles

    • Superior Protection against sludge build-up

    • Ultra-low friction to improve gas mileage

    Castrol GTX Premium Oil Change

    • 20W-50, 10W-40, 10W-30, 5W-30, 5W-20

    • Unique dual action dispersants prive a superior level of protection against sludge build-up

    • 57% better than the leading competitive oil

    • Maximum protection against viscosity and thermal breakdown

    • Delivers ultra-low friction to improve gas mileage

    • Advanced anti-wear additives that help extend engine life

    Castrol GTX High Mileage

    • 10W-30, 5W-30

    • Ideal for vehicles over 75,000 miles

    • Proves superior protection against oil burn-off

    • 17% better than leading conventional oils

    • Specially formulated to meet the changing needs of vehicles with over 75,000 miles

    • Contains seal conditioners to help reduce oil leakage

    • Helps extend engine life in higher mileage vehicles

    • Exceptional protection against engine wear

    Castrol EDGE SPT (Syntec)

    • 6 Months / 7,500 Miles

    Castrol EDGE FST or SLX

    • Ideal for High Performance and European vehicles

    Castrol SYNTEC Blend

    • Castrol SYNTEC Blend 5W-30 meets all requirements of teh European ACEA A1 application

    • Additional stability and protection against thermal breakdown compared to conventional oils

    • Prevents harmful engine deposits

    Castrol SYNTEC Full Syntehtic Oil Change

    • Helps your vehicle maintain maximum horsepower by reducing harmful deposit formation

    • Advanced additive package that neutralizes corrosive particles

    • Provides stability and endurance under extreme conditions like heat, load, and speed

    • Superior engine protection that outperforms leading conventional and synthetic blend oils, passing severe industry tests

    • Improve fuel efficiency

    • Prevent engine wear

    • Deliver maximum engine performance

    Castrol EDGE

    • Ideal for High Performance and European vehicles

    • Proves unsurpassed engine wear protection that no leading synthetic oil can beat

    • Delivers guaranteed extended drain interval protection for up to 15,000 miles, or one year, whichever comes first

    Castrol Diesel Oil

    • 15W40 M/5L


    Castrol Motor Oil Prices

    MOTOR OILPRICE (1 qt.)


    EDGE Extended Performance$10.95


    GTX Magnatec$5.95
    GTX High Mileage$5.95
    GTX Synblend$11.95


    GTX Diesel$6.95

    Castrol Oil Change Coupons

    Castrol Promotions
    Premium Lube Express

    One of the most effective, easy and cost efficient ways to take care of the life of your car is to change the oil and the oil filter regularly. The Oil acts as the lifeblood of your engine. It offers lubrication, minimizes wear and decreases friction.Oil also reduces the shock and noise of moving parts.
    Experts say to keep your engiine running smoothly, you will need to change your engine oil after every 3,000-5,000 miles. This ensures that you have an optimal performance from your engine. Castrol Synthetic Oil is an excellent brand of oil. ManufaCtured by Castrol oil, it comes from a company that has been in the business of oil production for more than 100 years. That means that you can trust that they know the business.
    How do you know when to change your engine oil?

    1. Oil Is copious and black in colour
      Healthy motor oil is like honey in appearance or amber in colour. When oil is dark coloured and its touch is grainy, it may need to be changed.
    2. Loud noises
      When you start hearing loud disconcerting noises emanating from under your hood, the time may be right to change your oil. This a sign that metal is grinding on metal due to lack of lubrication.
    3. Your check engine oil lights up
      This could of be an indicator of low oil or dirty oil indicative of the need to change it.
    4. You can’t remember last time you had an oil change
      This is a no brainer. When you cannot remember when you last changed your oil is the time to change your oil.
      Development in technology has made it possible for engines to become smaller in size while becoming more proficient and powerful. This has however put pressure on them to work harder than never before. That is where Castrol Synthetic Oil comes in handy. With so many oils in the market, why should you choose this particular brand?

    It is three times tougher against viscosity breakdown than the principal synthetic and top conventional oils. Its distinctive Titanium skill physically changes the way oil acts under compression magnifying its film strength.

    Tried in the 5w-30 against all prime conventional brands, the Mobil 1 and Mobil 1 Extended performance in the ASTM D6278 test.

    So, next time you need to have an oil change, Castrol Synthetic Oil will give your engine the lubrication it needs to keep your engine running smoothly.

    Castrol Premium Lube Express Locations

    Check for the nearest Castrol oil change location by using the map. Before you go — pickup a coupon for your motorcycle or automobile. They provide the leading synthetic oil blends such as: GTX, Magnatec, 0W40, 5W40, 5W30, 5W20 synthetic, 10W60, 10W40, 10W30, 15W40, Syntec, SLX and more.

    Enter your address or zipcode to find a location near you

    Castrol Service Hours of Operation

    Monday9am - 5pm
    Tuesday9am - 5pm
    Wednesday9am - 5pm
    Thursday9am - 5pm
    Friday9am - 5pm

    Selecting the best motor oil for you car

    The type of oil that you opt to use also has a significant bearing on extending the life of your vehicle. You have to choose an oil-brand which provides the ideal mix of consistent high-performance and dependability.  It should also be environment-friendly, emitting lower carbon-dioxide.  It should also be pocket-friendly and economical to use.

    Considering all these things, it is not surprising that people prefer a Castrol oil change for their vehicle. Castrol oil has demonstrated its superiority over other oils time and again.  It has been tested over and over and has consistently exhibited superior strength and quality.  It has established its reputation squarely and has remained an acknowledged leader in the industry.

    If you opt for Castrol oil change, you are selecting an oil brand which has gone through gruelling tests to prove its ability to react in a consistently powerful manner to an extensive scope of driving modes and circumstances. It has exhibited that is able to significantly bring down the extent of metal-to-metal contact. Also, it has shown that it is capable of enduring tough and demanding states – able to push its boundaries for a continued period of time.

    The decision to go for a Castrol oil change is an acknowledgment that the product is a superlative one. It seems to be an easy choice, especially if one knows the company that is responsible for this oil. The company that produces Castrol oil is a British corporation with an established international reputation for its industrial/automotive lubrication-products.  It is a multinational organization known to pursue only the highest measures of quality for its products. It is known for leading in technological research and advancements, its products evolving with the times in keeping with the company’s determination to stay ahead of the pack by keeping to stringent quality control standards.

    The choice of a Castrol oil change is a preference for a brand that many professional high-calibre drivers believe to both responsive and adaptable to a wide array of engine needs.  It can withstand relentless and rigorous demands.

    Choosing Castrol oil change is choosing a brand that tries to tailor-fit its products to the exacting needs of a wide variety of engines. It is a brand devised to withstand the most difficult driving conditions and to stay strong for the longest time, enabling its users to drive confidently, assured that they are backed by technology which allows them to drive fast and efficiently, even in demanding terrains and under the most challenging weather-conditions.

    Castrol oil change seems to assure drivers of getting the most of their engine’s performance – be it for long-distance or short-distance driving.  Castrol oil change helps the engine to perform well, even under stressful conditions.  It protects the engine, helping to decrease metal-to-metal contact/friction, diminish wear-and-tear, and enabling it to stay highly efficient.

    The capabilities of Castrol products have improved by leaps and bounds, in conjunction with the demands of motorcars.  Present-day vehicle-engines are becoming multi-faceted and intricate.  Castrol keeps in step with its users, its products becoming more sophisticated and superior over time.  Drivers have come to rely heavily on Castrol products to help keep their engines in sustained fine condition.  Addressing the many challenges that confront their users, Castrol keeps on strengthening its technological capabilities to shore up the capabilities of engines which run on Castrol products’ power.

    Castrol collaborates with its dealers to help its users maintain peak engine performance. They have a wide network of service centers staffed by people who are genuinely interested in prolonging your engine’s life and maximizing its strengths and capabilities. Thus, a Castrol oil change in any of Castrol’s automotive service dealers spread out worldwide means service/product of only the finest quality. You can expect to be serviced by professional mechanics well-versed in their products’ strengths and ready to answer any of your inquiries.

    Castrol seems determined to respond to all of their clients.  It does not really matter if you are driving a light or a heavy vehicle. You may even be driving a motorcycle, a bus, lorry, or a van.  You may be a professional competitive motocross driver or a steadfast believer in the pleasures of leisurely driving. Castrol’s wide range of products will cater to everyone’s needs and preferences. Should you need consultation about Castrol’s wide array of diverse product lines, their mechanics are equipped with useful and practical information to help you make the right choice. They are ready to listen to you and suggest the product-solution tailored to exploit your vehicle’s strengths so that it gives only the finest performance.

    With Castrol oil change, you are assured that you are enabling your engine to perform at its most productive and efficient state. A visit to any Castrol affiliate is a guarantee that you get great value for what you spend, incomparable professional customer-service, and products of the highest calibre. The affiliates are one-stop shops so that you get whatever service you need to repair and maintain your vehicle and keep it running efficiently for the longest possible time.

    About Castrol High Quality Synthetic Oil Protection

    Once in every six to seven months, you will realize the need for an immediate oil change session in your vehicle. Conversely, you would run to the nearest lube shop or mechanic with special oil deals. Or, maybe you are stuck with a very old mechanic who once handled your dad’s car! In addition to all these choices, you can decide on garages with synthetic oil changes. So, what makes these workshops special? Do they offer special services and extended auto-care? Or, is synthetic oil another man-made scam? If you are breaking your head with the foremost questions, feel lucky! This article will answer your queries!

    Boost your car’s overall performance with Castrol synthetic motor oil

    Proper oil changes will increase your car’s reliability and longevity.  As potential car owners, you should remember to focus on high quality oil. Choosing oil varieties that are cheap and convenient will not confer you with long term benefits. Instead, the cheap-options will force you to engage in another oil change session within few short miles. If you wish to get rid of frequent oil changes, you must decide on synthetic oil.

    The world’s finest lubricant

    Just like a balanced meal with essential nutrients, automotive oil plays an integral role in the vehicle’s performance. Thus, you should plan, gather knowledge and hunt for the market’s best oil varieties. Currently, the synthetic motor oil is regarded as one of the finest lubricants for automobiles.

    Before you shift into the use of synthetic oil, remember to perform the following tests:

    1)      Initially, go through the car’s instruction guide. If the manual advices you to use only Synthetic-blend oil, a very big decision is already made on behalf of you.

    2)      Secondly, verify if the car’s engine is engineered for 5W20 or 10W40 oil varieties. Remember to use the right-type of synthetic oil in your vehicle.

    Synthetic Oil and the Engine!

    Always remember to keep track of the vehicle’s oil changes. The process does so many things for the engine. Proper lubrication will allow the engine to move without any creases or scratches! Moreover, oil would prevent the presence of friction and eliminate unnecessary repairs. In simpler words, proper lubrication will save your engine from wear & tear issues.

    Ultimate Oil Change Sessions

    Synthetic oil is formulated to devour a greater protection. The oil resists the formation of sludge and unexpected breakdowns. Moreover, its stable nature increases the time between oil-change sessions.

    Here’s the best kind of motor oil for your car

    A very important process in preventive auto-maintenance would be “Oil Change”. This is an essential chore that would enhance your car’s overall performance. As potential car owners, you should appreciate the need for frequent lubrication. Thus, you should remember to check your car’s oil level frequently and fill it at the right times. Motor oil would reduce friction and lubricate the engine. So, what is the best motor oil? Do experienced drivers have personal favorites? If you are trying to find answers to these questions, feel lucky! In this article, you will read about few important steps that should be followed when you choose the best motor oil!

    Use the vehicle search to find the right oil for your car

    Oil for Your Climate

    Firstly, check if you require multi grade or single-grade oil. According to many reports, multi grade oil is meant for tough climatic conditions. Vehicles in regions that are too cold will require multi–grade oil. “Viscosity” is used to measure the best motor oil. Additionally, the oil must be extremely stable. Its formulation must cope up with stern temperature fluctuations. If the oil’s casing has a “W”, it is a multi-grade oil that survives cold conditions. The best motor oil would have manufacturer grades like 5W30, 15W40 or 10W30. Never decide on single grade oil varieties, if you live in cold regions.

    Oil For Your Engine

    The best motor oil could be chosen in accordance with the engine’s mileage. If a car has travelled less than 30,000 miles, you could opt for oils with a viscosity of 5W30. On the other hand, vehicles that have crossed 40,000 miles should be nurtured with 10W40 oils. By default, 5W30 and 10W40 are regarded as universal grades. However, remember to stick onto the oil recommended by the engine’s manufacturer.

    Synthetic Blend

    If you want your engine to last longer, you should decide on the best motor oil. A conventional and famous motor oil would be “Synthetic Blend”. When compared against traditional oil varieties, synthetic oil is much more effective and expensive. The oil is forced to go through several screens and filters. This makes it the market’s best motor oil.

    A quick check

    If you are new to the world of auto-maintenance, you should acquire help from local mechanics and car dealers. Contact your car’s official dealers for more information about the best motor oil for your vehicle. Remember that the grade and fineness will differ from one car to another!

    Why Castrol Oil Is The Best Choice?

    If you want your car to run smoothly and give its best performance at all times, then proper vehicle maintenance is the key. Changing your car’s oil, for example, plays an important factor in keeping your vehicle in top condition all the time. Though car oil change may sound a bit complicated, it is really not. In fact, even those who only have the most basic knowledge in vehicular maintenance can do it without much fuss. In changing your car’s oil, it is important that you have the proper tools at hand. The tools that you need are a newly purchased oil filter, a pair of rubber gloves, a pair of safety glasses, car jack, jack stands, funnel, plastic container, socket wrench, paper towels or rags, oil filter wrenches, and of course, a good engine oil brand such as Castrol. Castrol oil change products are lauded by automotive experts as definitely one of the best in the world. Castrol synthetic oil, for example, continuously garners positive feedback from various consumers from different parts of the globe.

    Now, going back to personally changing your car’s oil, it is important to note that by doing the task yourself, you can no doubt save some cash. The process would also take no longer than 50 minutes provided that you adhere to the car manufacturer’s manual properly. The manual includes safety tips and specific instructions that will guide you during the entire process. Of course the entire task would be futile if you will only use substandard engine oil. This is why using Castrol oil change products is very much necessary. A lot of car-owners who have been using Castrol products can attest on how superior Castrol oil change formula is. Your choice of oil will actually depend on your vehicle itself. Synthetic oil is suitable for cars that run below the 40, 000 mile limit while a synthetic blend is compatible with vehicles that go beyond this particular mileage. The advantage of Castrol oil change products is it helps maintain your engine in top shape while making it more fuel efficient at the same time. Changing your car oil goes hand in hand with investing on a high quality filter but that deserves a separate discussion.

    Why choose a Synthetic Oil change?

    A typical car engine can take as much as four to five quarts of oil. This means that you are most likely to spend about $15 to $20 on new oil. The cost also depends on the type of oil that you will purchase. Synthetic differs, of course, with blend oil in terms of market price. A synthetic oil that comes with a filter set may cost somewhere between $40 and $50. Regularly changing your vehicle’s oil is the best way to save money. In the long run, it will spare you from the hassle of minor engine repair as well as the headache of spending thousands of dollars to fix a major vehicular breakdown. With Castrol oil change products, you will surely have no problems like these with your car or whatsoever.

    For the last one hundred years, Castrol has inarguably changed the landscape of the automotive industry not unlike giants like Ford or Volkswagen. Being a massive force in the field of automotive and industrial lubricants, Castrol never stops in introducing some of the most groundbreaking products that have played a colossal role on how car-owners maintain their vehicles. Today, the company continuously and consistently presents innovations that go beyond Castrol oil change products. From Castrol classic car oil to the most advanced Castrol motorcycle coolant, name it and you will get it. The company also offers Castrol oil change coupons as homage to thousands of customers worldwide.

    Gone are the days when synthetic motor oil was difficult to find. Today, it is quite common to see many workshops, local retailers and mechanics with synthetic-blend oil varieties. Even in the midst of high fuel prices, the demand for synthetic motor oil has remained consistent. So, why are car owners and mechanics shifting towards man made oil? Why is the expensive fuel famous than cheaper varieties? Read on, to find answers to these questions.

    The expensive Synthetic motor oil

    Before you learn about the benefits of synthetic motor oil, you must acknowledge its high price. Synthetic based motor oil is expensive. However, the oil tends to last for a longer period of time. This will reduce your need for frequent oil changes. Due to its stable and durable nature, the out-of-pocket cost on lubrication can be reduced. This clearly proves the presence of long term savings. In other words, the amount spent by people who stick onto traditional oil varieties will be more than what you invest.

    A stronger engine!

    Secondly, synthetic motor oil is famous for its high viscosity index. The oil doesn’t breakdown easily. It is stronger and smoother than conventional lubricants. The fluid’s molecules are sized uniformly. Thus, the fluid ascertains on more lubrication, more protection and less heat. These are three major features that would increase the engine’s lifespan.

    Increased engine performance

    Petroleum based oils are mixed with many additional ingredients. These ingredients are not related with lubrication. Instead, the additional molecules should be removed by the engine. This results in unnecessary contamination and excess sludge. In the midst of excess contaminants, the overall performance of your engine will drop. This is why you should opt for synthetic motor oil. The man made lubricant does not have additional ingredients. The lubricant has a consistent quality and pure formulation. It is designed to suffice a predestined purpose. Thus, the synthetic motor oil will not affect your engine’s performance.

    Reduced maintenance costs

    Did you know that synthetic motor oil will reduce your vehicle’s maintenance needs? When the engine and its components are lubricated properly, it would last longer. Hence, you are not expected to engage in frequent oil changes. The synergistic affect will lower your maintenance cost by indispensible amounts. This is a major reason behind the trademark of synthetic motor oil.

    Ultimate bottom line

    If you are ought to engage in an oil change process, you should make use of synthetic motor oil. The oil is filled with many interesting benefits.

    Castrol GTX Synthetic Engine Oils Will Never Let You Down

    Having a car is quite convenient as it can allow owners to go from one place to the other at any time. That is just one the numerous advantages provided of having a car. However, it is likewise worth to note that such advantages are accompanied with responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is to ensure that the car is in top shape to maximize performance. To do that, the owner needs to religiously follow the maintenance requisites; changing the engine oil regularly is one of them.

    The oil used in the engine tends to build particles and sludge over time. Consequently, various oil companies have incessantly produced engine oils that are said to be more effective over others. True enough, these companies have created oils that ensure maximum performance.  One brand that notably tops them all is Castrol.

    As you know, Castrol has been in the business of producing high-quality lubricants since the early 1900’s. Thus, it would be but safe to say that they are one of the brands that are already trusted by people. One of the most popular engine oil that they have produced is the Castrol GTX. The latest technology that the GTX has in store is known as TriShield. This innovation provides a unique characteristic of an engine oil as it prevents sludge from forming in the engine. It somehow grabs a hold of certain particles and dissolves them to ensure that sludge does not form in the engine.

    Undeniably, competitors likewise have a similar technology as Castrol to provide the market a wider range of choices. However, only the Castrol GTX has a more advanced technology in that it only uses a single molecule that works to draw and at the same time disperse particular particles to prevent them from building up. Hence, it protects your car’s or motorcycle’s engine.

    From the moment you decide to have a Castrol oil change, it is worthy to note that there are other types of engine oil that they provide. If you’ve got the budget, you can always go for fully synthetic engine oils to boost your car’s performance without sacrificing your engine’s health. Edge is Castrol’s one of a kind synthetic engine oil. Not only does it protect your engine from sludge build up, it also improves the overall efficiency of your engine as well as ensures that your engine performs under any condition in the long and short term.

    Now that you know how Castrol can influence your car’s performance, might as well choose from the GTX or the Edge when you get your next oil change.

    Castrol Oil Share Ranking

    These are the latest Castrol engine oil interest rankings. The company provides many synthetic oils for automobiles. The rankings help determine and forecast predictions of interest which in turn can be related to share prices. They offer many types of oil such as GTX, 5w30, 10w40, 0w30, SLX, SRF, a747, and much more to offer. I currently have been using Castrol as my oil change for my motorcycle for several years and been happy with the results and long lasting performance of my vehicle. I look for oil coupons to get special offers when available, they help  save on money.

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