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Why Your Car Keeps Failing Emissions Tests

To ensure safety on our highways and public streets, your car would be subject to a yearly or biannual safety checks. Your vehicle would also be required to pass an emissions test in the process of this inspection. If your car fails the test, ...Read More

Frozen Engine Block

Question: My radiator has a small pin-hole leak. I was planning on getting it fixed here really soon. In the meantime, I used water to fill it up. This morning my radiator was frozen. Not knowing it, I started the car to warm it ...Read More

Heater Core Leak – Sweet Smell

Question: There is a sweet smell in my car coming from the air vents. Is this something I should be concerned about? Answer: This sweet smell is probably an indication of a leaky heater core. The heater core is like a little radiator. It ...Read More