Choosing The Best Dog Car Seat Cover For You

If you own dogs like I do then you know the joys and not so joyous aspects of traveling with a dog in your vehicle. My wife insisted that I find a dog car seat cover that would keep the interior of our car nice while taking my best friend with me everywhere.

There are many kinds of dog seat covers to choose from so make sure you get one that will work for your vehicle and for your dog. That might sound funny to you, but a back seat pet cover won’t do you much good if it doesn’t fit or stay put while traveling with your dog any more than one for the front seat. This is even more true if you have more than one pet or if your pet is a roamer when moving down the highway!

You’ll find that you can easily buy a dog car seat cover online through various retailers. I’m including some tips along with the different types below so you can quickly make a decision.

Dog Rear Seat Covers

Some will only be interested in dog rear seat covers as they don’t want their dog in the front seat at all. It’s true that this can pose a dangerous driving situation for yourself and your dog as well as others on the road, but puppies are very excited to be going places and have to learn to stay in the back seat. Other dogs are a bit freaked out by the whole traveling experience. Some relate it to going to the vet and others just think it’s bizarre! Either way, they tend to feel more comfortable and safe when closer to their owner. If you can get your pet to stay in the back seat it is best. For that you will surely want to invest in dog rear seat covers and get them used to riding on the cover.

Pet Bench Seat Covers

These are notably for bench seats and in many ways I think they are the easiest to use when you have more than one dog and to install – that is, if you have bench seats! It used to be that all back seats pretty much were bench seats, but that just isn’t true anymore. If you do, your dog will appreciate that he has some room to stretch his legs and satisfy his curiosity by roaming from side to side to see what’s going on out both side windows. Pet bench seat covers come in quite handy for this activity.

Auto Pet Seat Covers

These are designed more for single seats and very difficult for large dogs to sit in. But, if you need a single seat auto pet seat cover, this is just the thing for you. These usually have straps that allow the top and the bottom areas to attach to the seat and protect both the part you sit on and the part that you lean back against. These come in all kinds of cool designer styles, which is kind of fun.

Whatever your need for your vehicle, bear in mind that the size of your dog and his or her particular peculiarities will also be important to consider. If they are large or like to stretch out and nap on your boring old trip, be sure you get a dog car seat cover that will drape down around the edges. If they pant alot you may want to consider something absorbent. If they shed alot you may want to get something you can vacuum. And of course there is the possibility that they might make other messes… For this you probably want something that’s washable.