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As a child one may have never had to worry about maintaining the family car. But when one gets the driving license, it is definitely not just about driving, but many other responsibilities come along with it. One such very important responsibility that comes along is the routine maintenance of the vehicle one drives. The most essential part of the routine maintenance is changing the oil of the car to avoid friction that heats up the engine depreciating the performance of the car. This is the main reason it should be the top most priority of every car owner to change the oil to avoid engine breakdowns.

Having understood the importance of this process of oil change in cars, how do you go about it? One can either choose to do it by themselves or get it done at a local garage by a skilled mechanic. The latter is certainly a better option to go with. But with this option there is a general assumption that follows- it may be more costly as compared to Do-It-Yourself. In some cases this might be true, but not when you are presented with oil change coupons.

Just like any other coupon that one may have used earlier for almost anything, the oil change coupon is nothing complex. It is a coupon that can be redeemed to get a discount on the oil change service for one’s vehicle. One variant to this is the express oil change coupon. As the name suggests, it helps to expedite one’s service at the particular oil change center where the coupon belongs. At the same time it helps to save money by getting an attractive discount.

Express Oil Change Coupons

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A regular express oil change coupon service might include the following benefits:-

  • Fast and swift service
  • Replace oil with the oil mentioned on the coupon- conventional, semi-synthetic, or full synthetic grade oil
  • Change car’s oil filter
  • Examination of the other parts of the car
  • Frames lubrication

These are the basic services that might entail along with the express oil change service that might not take more than ten minutes. Many other service centers may include other extra services, too, along with oil change.

One might wonder where to get a hold onto these coupons. It is as easy as getting coupons for various other purposes online or offline. The easiest way is to search for them on the Internet. You can find various websites that are dedicated to coupons and deals where one can locate unique deals and discount coupons from diverse oil change service providers. This is a great way to compare the discount prices, services offered, and choose the best one to your convenience. The second option is that if one is comfortable with a particular service provider, then one can avoid the searching part and log onto their website for coupons and special offers.

With the increasing demand for express oil change coupon, almost all the oil change service providers offer coupons, discounts, and special offers to attract new customers. They are extremely handy when trying to save money and time, and freeing one from the trouble of Do-It-Yourself.

10-Minute Oil Change

Ask the experts.  If there is one single thing that you can do to ensure that your car stays in good condition as long as possible, it is to have a 10 minute oil change when you run for 3,000 miles or so.

Some people may quibble about the conditions under which most cars run, saying that if you drive under “normal’ conditions, you may not need to change oil quite as often.  Most driving conditions in this day and age, however, seem to be far from the norm. Normal driving covers driving in the highways, on perfectly-paved and smooth roads, in dust-free circumstances. If you go by this definition, driving under “severe” driving conditions seem to be more typical.

If you drive less than 10 miles – the driving condition is said to be severe. If you have to use your brakes often, characteristic of the stop-go type of driving within any city – that, too, is severe. If you regularly carry heavy loads – that is severe condition.  If the weather is extremely cold…or extremely hot – that is likewise characterized as severe driving condition. Even dirty streets make for severe driving circumstances.  If truth be told, most of us drive under severe conditions – which call for oil change.

The oil in our engine tends to get dirty real quick if we drive under these conditions. It fails to do its job well. Toxins build up and begin to consume at the metal elements. The oil suspends the metal specks which tend to erode the very parts that the oil is supposed to shield from harm. We need to change oil, to get rid of harmful dirty oil.

Preventive maintenance extends the life of our vehicle.  If we bear this in mind, a 10 minute oil change seems to be a small price to pay – especially if an Express oil change coupon comes into the equation. If we change oil on a regular basis, we tend to prolong the usefulness of our engine.

Many drivers swear by an Express oil change coupon. Service at any Express Oil Change brake repair and Service Center means top-of-the line servicing of your vehicle. Express centers found anywhere in the country is certain to be easy, fast, and convenient.  It is easy on the pocket, too.

Backed by years of experience in providing motorists with top quality service, Express is the go-to center for most motorists. Its mechanics are well-trained in the art of giving only the highest standard of customer-satisfaction.  They are efficient, courteous, and quick on their feet – eager to provide the service that is called for – and more – as fast and as efficiently as possible.

You have the option of conventional, semi synthetic, or the full-synthetic grade oil as replacement.  Your oil filter likewise gets replaced.  The mechanics will check your fluid levels to make sure that they are within the acceptable range. They look into your belts, hose, air filter, steering and suspension to make sure that all is well.  They check your chassis and undercarriage to determine if they are properly lubricated. Even your lights go through safety-checks.  All of these services are done with an Express oil change coupon — within a 10 minute time frame.  The mechanics simply want to make certain that you are driving under the safest conditions and they send you immediately on your way.

Speedy 10 Minute Oil Change Routines

A lot of people tend to follow a very old adage “What is out of Sight, Remains out of Mind”! The foremost saying is idolized by car owners. The car’s engine and oil filter is sealed inside a hood. Thus, many people forget to engage in oil change routines.

Four reasons behind the need for an oil change!

Oil change is a very important task that would nurture your engine’s lifespan and performance. The process lubricates the engine and promotes smooth movements. When you don’t change the car’s oil frequently, you will witness the following issues:

  1. Noise –

    The engine would become extremely noisy. Motors and engines without proper lubrication would rub against one another. This would cause unbearable noise!

  2. Low Mileage –

    An engine that is not oiled properly will portray poor performance. You will not be able to cover a sturdy mileage. This will increase your gas and fuel bills.

  3. Bad Drive –

    Vehicles with contaminated oil filters will not devour you a smooth drive. This is because dust particles, metallic residues and solid contaminants would block the filter. As a result, lubricants would not flow into the engine. This would induce excess friction and decrease the vehicle’s overall acceleration.

  4. Reduce lifespan –

    An engine that is not oiled properly will have a very short lifespan. This is a very common issue faced by busy car owners.

Express Oil Change Brake Repair and Service

An Express oil change coupon replaces your used oil with one of several options.  You can go for either conventional, semi synthetic, or fully synthetic grade oil.  It also swaps your old oil filter with a newer, fresher one.  A friendly and genuinely concerned technician checks your fluid-levels – including that of your windshield-wipers’ and anti-freeze ones to make sure that they remain in the appropriate amount.  The belts and hoses of your vehicle will be thoroughly examined, the chassis lubricated, steering/suspension assessed, the undercarriage examined, and all your lights – headlight, turn signal-light, brake-light, checked as a precautionary measure. An Express oil change coupon includes all these services to make sure that your vehicle stays in excellent order.

Express 10-Minute Oil Change customers value the extra mile that every technician goes through when presented with an Express oil change coupon. And just as many loyal patrons appreciate what an Express oil change coupon does not include.

Express technicians are not insistent.  Their genuine concern for their clientele requires that they do not force you into buying services or products that you do not actually need.  They use their time effectively, doing their jobs quickly and efficiently; and as a result, they do not squander your time either in useless waiting.  They do not “pretend” to give discounts only to pad your total bill with useless shop or cross sale charges. They recommend and do what needs to be done – no more, no less.

One important asset of Express Oil Change and Service Center is its technicians. They have ASE certification giving credence to their expertise and training in automotive repair and maintenance. It does not matter what service you approach them for – be it an oil change, brakes-check, or general automotive repair.  They will work on your vehicle fast, providing speedy, excellent service.

An added convenience is the fact that you can find an Express Oil Center almost anywhere, proof of the fact that they have a reliable and satisfied following, making for profitable business. And all centers make sure that they have technicians available to address your needs straightaway, without delay. You do not even have to make an appointment. A courteous, well-trained mechanic will be at your service, helpful, sincere in his efforts to provide you with the appropriate solutions to your problem and send you off quickly to whatever appointments await you.

Express Oil Auto Repair Service

You do not have to go back to your dealer to keep factory-warranty. Express Oil Change and Service Center gives you the high-level service quality that may oftentimes even exceed factory standards for vehicle-maintenance.  And you do not have to pay as much as Express Oil Change and Service Center keeps its service-quality high and its costs low.

Given all these considerations, many customers have reached the right conclusion that it saves them both time and cash when they bring their vehicle to Express. They get great value for money, with services assured of being fast, efficient, and cost-effective.

Express Oil Change & Service Center is determined to make your visits expedient and stress-free.  We have an exhaustive, thorough list of services to make our shops a one-stop one for you when it comes to all your automotive requirements. We can check and address your vehicle’s needs while you wait. Our technicians are among the best in their profession.  And we provide you with a warranty for our services to ensure that you do not have to entertain the slightest worry about our level of work.

In spite of the advancements and sophistication of our services and staff, Express Oil Change & Service Center still like to be addressed as the home of your very own friendly neighbourhood mechanic.  This seems to express our genuine, sincere and deep-seated desire to do right by your vehicle.  The company’s attitude and service-excellence seems to have resulted in a steadfast and ever-growing clientele.

If you invest your money, especially a large bit of it, on something, you’ll want to protect and secure the said asset.  One of the very first things we purchase is a vehicle. And one of the ways which most people suggest we do to protect our vehicle and prolong its life is to change its oil every 3,000 miles.

Many people keep an Express oil change coupon for this particular purpose. People who have their vehicle go through an Express oil change turn to the same center again and again for the said service.
The Express oil change coupon is used by millions of vehicle-owners — most of them faithful customers of our other services as well.

 A limited budget is one reason you might want to use coupons for an express oil change. Your hard earned money is important to you, so make sure you spend it wisely. By using coupons on a regular basis for your vehicle, you will see savings over time. The article below has helpful tips for making the most of using coupons.

Oil change coupons are available in a variety of places. The Sunday paper usually contains many coupons inside. Many magazines, store flyers and even junk mailings contain coupons. There are even sites online that are solely dedicated to coupons.

Oil change coupon searching shouldn’t be a time-consuming task. It is easy to let the coupon quest take up a big chink of your free time. Figure out how much money you can save and decide if clipping coupons is worth your while, then look for a oil change near me.


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Three features to consider while choosing Motor Oil

Lubrication is a very important process that ascertains on the vehicle’s performance and functionality. However, it is quite difficult to find the right kind of motor oil. This is because the automotive industry has several different types of motor oil varieties, with indispensible features and advantages. When you are about to choose a motor oil, you must focus on three important parameters: the fluid’s type, thickness and grade.

Three different Types of Oils

Generally, motor oil is classed in three different categories. This en covers over conventional, semi synthetic and synthetic blend oil. You should ask a local mechanic or read through your car’s manual for more information about the kind of oil that would suit your vehicle. Conventional oil varieties would be cheap and readily available. However, such lubricants will not last for a very long time. To be more precise, the oil would breakdown easily during high temperatures. Experts consider synthetic oil as the market’s finest and most expensive lubricant. The oil withstands high temperatures and removes excess heat effortlessly. The man made lubricant would enhance your car’s performance remarkably. Semi Synthetic oil lies between conventional and synthetic oil! It is less costly than Synthetic oil. The lubricant is engineered to suffice the needs of budget conscious drivers.

How Thick is the Oil?

Thickness is another interesting parameter that would affect the engine’s ultimate performance. Thick oil is ideal for old cars. As time passes, cars would wear own and experience lots of friction. In such situations, thick oil would remove friction and grease the surface. Nevertheless, thick oil must not be used during cold seasons. This is because the engine should work harder to heat thick oil. Conversely, you will witness a slow drive and poor mileage. During cold climates, you should opt for motor oils that belong to the multi-viscosity type. Such lubricants would become thin or thick, based on the external condition.

Lubricates with High Grades

Finally, remember to keep an eye on the oil’s grade. High-graded oil would be thicker and stronger. Newer cars tend to demand for motor oil with grades like 5W30, where “5” represents the viscosity during cold conditions and 30 shows the viscosity during warm climates. Older cars will require motor oils with a grade of 10W20 or 10W40. These numbers would reach up to seventy. Always bear in mind that lubricants with good grades would produce less friction.

Factors That Would Affect Your Oil Change Price

If you own a vehicle, oil changes would be a primary form of maintenance you should perform regularly. However, many people dread the presence of oil changes. This is because the expenditure ranges from few tens of dollars to several hundreds! So, how much does an oil change cost? Are you breaking your head with this question? If yes, feel lucky! This article focuses on various parameters that would affect the cost of your oil change.

Three major factors!

Firstly, you should bear in mind that the price would depend on the type of oil used. Patrons, who decide on expensive synthetic oil, should be ready to spend more. On the other hand, conventional oil changes would start from USD 30. Secondly, the oil change cost will depend on the amount of oil used. If your vehicle consumes more oil, you will be expected to pay a bigger bill. Thirdly, check if the local mechanic has discounts for vehicles with additional repairs. When you take advantage of these deals, you will have the wit to save yourself from huge vehicle repair bills. In other words, special packages with oil-change options will be a real saver!

The Type of Oil!

As mentioned previously, the type of oil used, will have a sturdy impact on your final bill. For instance, synthetic oil is ideal for patrons who are conscious about their vehicle’s performance. However, synthetic oil is 3 times costlier than conventional oil varieties. Nevertheless, synthetic oil will save you from frequent oil change routines. This outweighs the difference between conventional and synthetic oil change bills.

Do it Yourself Routines

Sometimes, it is wise to buy your very own equipments and fluids for a do-it-yourself oil change session. Experienced drivers and vehicle owners consider this as a simple way to save some extra cash. For instance, you don’t need to drive to a local mechanic or spend money on labor charges. Nevertheless, check if you are aware of the chore’s actual complications and pitfalls. A faulty move will increase the cost of your oil-change routine by double-folds.

Bond with your local mechanic

Finally, you can reduce your oil change cost by maintaining a good relationship with the local mechanic. Many shops have special deals and offers for frequent customers. In such cases, you should learn to stick-onto a particular shop or mechanic. This is a safe and conventional method followed by many car owners. Local mechanics will help you change oil in an inexpensive manner! The process will barely cost you USD 35.

Why are Auto-Maintenance Routines expensive?

The hunt for cheap oil change deals has increased remarkably in the past few years. Patrons with fancy sedans and old cars tend to search for coupons with mind blowing deals and discounts. This attributes to many sensational factors. Here is a brief overview through few such factors:

  1. Over the years, the price of posh cars, trucks and jeeps have increased significantly. As a result, the vehicle’s parts have become costly and sophisticated.
  2. Newer cars tend to demand for synthetic oil. This is because synthetic oil has a safe and clean formulation. The oil does not produce harmful contaminants. Nevertheless, synthetic oil is remarkably expensive.
  3. Thirdly, the process of auto-maintenance is easy said than done. The task involves lots of stress and strain. Hence, national chains and local mechanics tend to charge exorbitant rates.

Visit Express Oil Change Brake Repair and Service for locations near you and ask them to beat competitor prices.

What Do You mean By an Oil Change?

Due to these obvious expenses, patrons tend to search for workshops with the market’s cheapest oil change facilities. “Oil Change” plays a crucial role in the list of auto-maintenance procedures. The task nurtures the engine’s performance. From human beings to vehicle, everything requires a certain amount of lubrication. Good lubricants would decrease friction and enhance the vehicle’s performance. As time passes, lubricants would wear away. This is when you should opt for oil change routines.

The real figures

New or old, every vehicle requires an oil change, once in every 3000 miles. Under normal conditions, a simple oil change would cost USD 25. Additionally, if the car’s oil filter has to be cleaned or changed, the final bill amount would increase. Hence, the final amount will depend on your car’s condition and age.

How to filter workshops with oil change deals?

If you are looking for local workshops, always remember to focus on these artifacts: quality, experience and price. Search for mechanics with the town’s cheapest oil change deals. Verify if the service provider offers the following tune ups:

  1. The town’s cheapest oil change center should be well-established and reputed. Check if your friends, neighbors and loved ones are happy with the service provider’s features.
  2. The oil change deals should be paired with many add on services. For instance, they should inspect your car’s performance, change flat tyres and wash the car body.
  3. The deals should be worthy and long! This is a very important point to be remembered. Never decide on service providers with short-term-coupons. These offers would expiry even before notice!

Three unknown facts about 10 minute oil changes

If your lifestyle does not have time or space of auto-maintenance, you must opt for 10 minute oil change sessions. The concept is becoming extremely famous in cities and urban regions. The 10 minute oil change routines are performed by skilled mechanics, local workshops and National chains. The process could be completed at anytime and from any authorized dealer. Here is a quick overview through few interesting facts about the 10 minute oil change sessions:

  1. The ultimate time would depend on the mechanic’s experience and skill. Workers with several years of experience will complete the task in few short minutes.
  2. The 10 minute oil change sessions are cheap and affordable. On an average, the process would cost around USD 35.
  3. “Mobile” service providers would perform the 10 minute oil change in your homes. These professionals are a call away. As you call them; they would visit your house and accomplish the chore instantaneously.

Ultimate Bottom Line

The demand for 10 minute oil change routines has increased remarkably in the past few years. It is an essential process that is customized to suit this busy world!

How to Benefit from Express Oil Change Coupons

Use Express 10-Minute Oil Change for extending the life of your car, you must do oil change at regular intervals at any mobile oil change service center. Changing the oil according to manufacturer and lube service recommendations will ensure that your car lasts a long time. Express oil change brake repair and service will also help you avoid many expensive issues such as engine wear and tear and engine failure. Motor oil is a vital part of the functioning of a vehicle as it lubricates the engine and its parts, cleans the engine and also eliminates contaminants, thereby preventing sludge from getting build up, and cools down the vehicle.

Express oil change coupon helps you save money on your car maintenance

You must always follow the recommendation of the vehicle manufacturer. However, how often you change your vehicle’s oil depend on your driving conditions too. If you drive very often and put thousands of miles on the car every month, you should change the oil more often than one who just puts a few miles on the car every month. Generally speaking, most people must get their oil changed every 3 months. Do not worry about the cost of changing oil as you can use express oil change coupon to save money on your car maintenance.

Where to find oil change coupons?

If you’re not confident in your mechanical abilities, then take your vehicle to Honda oil change auto service repair center. Make sure you select a reliable service center which is known for offering exemplary service. Remember to give the Honda oil change coupon in the beginning itself to get good discounts on your bill. The oil change coupons can literally be found on Internet, newspapers and magazines. Most places can perform an analysis to learn how well the lubricant is being cycled through your car and when you will be ready for the next important service.

Check you car manual to know how often to do oil change

How much is an oil change! An oil change can cost anywhere between $25 and $35 depending on your car. However if you use Nissan service coupons, the cost of lube jobs can be done almost in half the cost. Occasionally it might even be possible to get freebies. If you are not an engine savvy, you must take your car to a professional for oil change, else you can damage the engine if you do not know what you are doing. If you’re not sure how often oil change has to be done, you should check the manual for your car. The operator’s manual can let you know how often you to do oil change.

How to Save Money on Oil Change with Oil Change Coupons

All vehicles need oil change at the correct time. It is best you do not skip this since doing so can lead to a lot of complications in the vehicle, such as potential damage to the engine and a drop in fuel efficiency. Most people know that their manufacturer recommends changing the oil every three months or 3,000 miles, although a few car manufacturers have extended this up to six months and 5000 miles. People want to extend this level too as far as possible. Rather than skipping it, look for methods to reduce the cost so that it will be more affordable to you. Well, do you know how much is an oil change? Read on to know more!

Save Cash

Use Oil Change Coupons

As easy as it sounds, you can find oil change coupons that are available from different providers such as Nissan and Honda. This is the biggest way these locations can attract customers in. There is no reason for you to avoid them. On an average, the cost of oil change ranges form $25 to $50. So take full advantage of Nissan service coupons and save some money on services you know you require anyway. You may also be able to find Honda oil change coupon on the portals of your favorite vehicle repair technicians. This is an easy and simple way to reduce the cost of this must-do vehicle service.

Express oil change logo

How to take advantage of the oil change coupons?

Most people see coupon clipping as instant savings on smaller daily items. This practice can have long-term advantages with larger big ticket services or items. Checking coupon mailing packages or weekly circulars regularly for mobile oil change services can save you huge amount of money. You can use oil change coupons to help negate the price difference of conventional oil lubrication to the all new synthetic lubricants. This is because changing to synthetic oil at Honda oil change service centers can also save you considerable amount of money as well as time over the long term.

Changing oil at regular intervals is very important

An oil change is not something to wade off. Rather than doing so, invest time into this oil change process only after you have found an affordable solution such as express oil change coupon. Mostly you will find a professional mechanic who is willing to negotiate the terms with you only to get you in the door.

Express Oil Change & Service Center Services

This is not at all surprising. EXPRESS OIL CHANGE® & Service Center stands apart from many centers in the same industry. It delivers exceptional work, adhering to the highest standards of work-excellence. It takes pride in what its loyal followers have come to refer to as its “signature” 10-minute oil-change – an oil-change package that stands head and shoulders above most for its fast, customer-friendly, and high-quality way of changing oil.  The features inherent in the package that comes from an Express oil change coupon assures you that your vehicle remains in tip-top condition, keeping you and the people who ride with you safe and sound while you travel.

2013 World-Class Franchise – Express Oil Change & Service Center

EXPRESS OIL CHANGE® & Service Center is now one of the leaders in this industry with more than 200 sites spread over thirteen states across the United States. Our efforts to maintain the highest level of customer-satisfaction with our services has resulted in steady company growth. We now have a strong 34 years of experience to boast of and we continue to refine our services, advancing in excellence to go with the times. We continue to send our technicians for advanced training to stay abreast of growing technology.  We persist on the acquisition of the latest trends in gadgets and equipment in order to provide the fastest, most effective service. All our centers remain full-service ones, able to address any requirement that may be called for by our clients. We are determined to adhere to stringent service quality control and modern and high-tech equipment to stay ahead of competition.