Express Oil Change Prices

The professionalism and value of Express Oil Change has been well known for the duration of their 34 years of service with over 200 locations in the south. Long periods of success, much like that of Express Oil Change comes from customer loyalty, and loyalty comes from great service and even better prices.  You can find friendly people and knowledgeable service at competitive pricing with every Express Oil Change location—not to mention their impressive 10 Minute Oil Change process. Take a look at the money you can save by servicing your vehicle at these centers.

Oil Change Pricing

Depending on the type of oil you prefer to use on your vehicle, you can get an oil change starting as low as $36.99, which includes a change with non-synthetic oil. Those who use high-mileage oil can have Valvoline High Mileage oil used instead for a price of $46.99. An oil change using synthetic oil blend for their vehicles or Duramax full synthetic oil will only pay $58.99. Valvoline full synthetic oil changes will run the vehicle owner $75.99. Finally, for a top quality oil change with Mobile 1 fully synthetic oil will be a price of $80.99, and will leave your vehicle in the best shape it can be.

Conventional $36.99
Valvoline High Mileage Oil$46.99
Duramax Full Synthetic Oil$58.99
Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil$75.99
Mobile 1 Full Synthetic Oil$80.99

Though this company is renowned for its 10 Minute Oil Changes, there are many other great services that you can receive when you come in for your regular oil changes. An oil change for your vehicle is not the only thing you get in the already fantastic price. With a replacement of the oil filter also comes a full safety check on your lights, along with inspection of the air filter, belts, and engine hoses. The steering and suspension systems are inspected as well. As if that wasn’t enough, at Express Oil Change centers you will have your fluid levels examined and topped off as needed to make sure that your vehicle is in its best shape when it leaves the lot.

Discounts and Savings on Oil Changes and Other Services

The prices at Express Oil Change are competitive and low already. Imagine how much you could save on your next visit to one of their many service centers when you add in a coupon or take advantage of their special deals! Every Tuesday, Express Oil Change runs a “Ladies Day” special, where you can receive $5.00 off of your already minimally priced oil change!

You may also choose to apply for an Express Oil Change store credit card. The credit card offers you an easy credit application process, and after your immediate approval, it will give you anywhere between 6 and 12 months of deferred interest financing on purchases of $199 or more. With low cost minimum monthly payments, you get exclusive promotional offers, deals and discounts you won’t find anywhere else!

Use this credit card to make easy purchases on things such as air conditioner repairs and maintenance, brake maintenance, engine light diagnostics, wiper blade replacements, manual and automatic transmission services, along with many other services and general tune ups.

Express Oil Change’s competitive prices and great reputation for impeccable, customer focused service makes them a perfect place to take your vehicle for its routine oil change!