How often should you change your oil?

How often should you change your oil is stated in the owner manual, also with newer vehicles the dashboard displays a notification, which is reset at the service center. All vehicles need an oil change at regular intervals. The first thing your mechanic will tell you is that you should book in for an oil change as well as tune-up. Well, when should oil be changed depends upon how much you drive on a daily basis. Engine technology advancement has meant that they perform in a very efficient level and have been developed for improving driver enjoyment as well as smooth operation.

However, with these engine improvements have come a need for more care and an acute awareness of the requirement to change lubricants regularly. All vehicle manufacturers have a different recommended schedule that can range from every 3,000 miles to every 7,000 miles. The fact remains that the engine needs are decided by your driving style, the area where you drive the vehicle and the weather. The next time you want to do an oil change, go to Jiffy Lube and use Jiffy Lube Coupons 10% Off to get good reduction on your total bill amount. This is a very popular coupon and is valid at all participating locations.

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Jiffy Lube Prices for Services

How often to change oil?An aggressive style of driving will cause greater engine stress and cause lubricants to be consumed in a rapid rate. Moreover, cold weather affects the oil viscosity and this influence the need to have oil changed. Sandy or dusty environments will also affect the performance of your engine and the cleanliness of the oil will be affected too. Jiffy Lube Prices for Services such as oil change depends on the specific store, your area and the oil change package you opt for. A few cost about $24, whereas others can go up to $45, depending upon your choices.

Use the highest quality lubricant

You will have to weigh up the circumstance and make a call. Your mechanic can give you expert advice in this regard and can check the oil for you as well as make a recommendation. To sum up, it is always good to err on the side of caution in matters of changing the engine oil. Its simple is very minimal compared to the expenditure you can incur from costly engine repairs that results from late oil changes. Instead of regular oil you can also use synthetic oil; however, the Synthetic Oil Change Cost will cost you twice the price of regular oil change. While topping up, use the highest quality lubricant and make sure that you tell your mechanic at Jiffy Lube in doing the same.

When Do You Need to Change Oil?

Do you need a service provider that can help you change your car’s oil and other fluids? Jiffy Lube is the service provider that can cater to your needs. Jiffy Lube provides good value for every dollar spent on the oil change price. You can also avail of different services that are discounted. The company also offers special promotions for special card holders or MasterCard holders.

Jiffy Lube Services

Jiffy Lube is a well-known company that provides customers with a diverse set of services. The company offers an affordable Jiffy Lube oil change price for customers. The servicemen of the company can quickly, efficiently, and easily change the oil of your car. The oil of your car keeps the whole thing running properly. Regular oil change ensures that your vehicle gets the most out of its mileage no matter how old the car is. Aside from changing the oil of your vehicle, the service crew can clean exterior windows and vacuum the floors of your vehicle. You will need a clean and swanky looking car to look good in front of friends and colleagues.


The crew can also check the pressure of your tires. Deflated or flat tires are disasters raring to happen. You can prevent untoward incidents when you regularly check or add air into your tires. Jiffy Lube can also check the other fluids of your vehicle. The crew can check the transaxle and transmission fluid, battery water, power steering fluid, and the differential fluid.

Jiffy Lube Promos & Discounts

Jiffy Lube also offers a promos and discounts that will save you more money in the long term. The company offers $5 off certain services. You can also avail of gasoline or diesel discounts when you use your MasterCard credit card. With the many discounts and promotions offered, Jiffy Lube provides the best value for their customers.

How Often Should You Change Oil

The number of times you change the oil of your vehicle will depend on its model, age, usage rate, and mileage. It is best to change the oil of an old vehicle once it eclipses the 3,000 mile distance. That number may change depending on how often and in what conditions you use that old car. Newer cars can go up to 7,000 miles before the first oil change. It is best to consult with your vehicle’s manufacturer to get the exact number you need to help you determine the time you need an oil change.

Changing the oil of your car is important, because if you fail to change the oil your car will not run as smoothly as it ought to. The times you have to change the oil of your car will depend on age, use, and mileage. Older cars’ oil needs to be changed every 1,000 to 3,000 miles to keep on running efficiently. There are cars that only need to change oil after 7,500 miles. Ask the manufacturer of your vehicle bout the best time to change the oil of your car.

Are you wondering where you can find an affordable oil changing company? You can avail of the services of Jiffy Lube to get the most out of your money. The Jiffy Lube oil change price is easy on the pocket and the company guarantees that you get the service you need with little to no delays.

What are the services offered by Jiffy Lube?

Jiffy Lube offers a lot of services to make sure that customers get the most value out of their hard earned money. The company offers exterior window cleaning and interior floor vacuum cleaning. Your car will look spick and span after the general cleaning performed by this service provider. A dirty car is a reflection of its owner. Make your car and yourself look neat and clean with the help of Jiffy Lube.

You can also have your tires checked when you go to Jiffy Lube. It is dangerous to drive with a flat or deflated tire. Flat or deflated tires are just accidents screaming to happen. The service crew will also assess your car and check the fluids to make sure they are adequate. The crew checks transmission and transaxle fluids, the differential fluid, battery water, windshield washer fluid, and the power steering fluid.

The service crew of Jiffy Lube has experience when it comes to changing oil that is why you will get good value for the Jiffy Lube oil change price. The serviceman will expertly change the oil of your vehicle so that it starts functioning better and more efficiently. It is important to change the oil of your car so that it continues to function like a well-oiled machine.


What is the Jiffy Lube oil change price?

The Jiffy Lube oil change price depends on the service you want and the distance of the service center to your current location. There are special promos and discounts found at the company’s website. You can go to the site and check them out. The discounts and promotions will help you save more money when you change your car’s oil or avail of other services.

Common Signs which Show That Your Vehicle Needs Oil Change

To get oil change done is neither expensive nor difficult, but a lot of people usually put off this necessary part of vehicle maintenance. While there is debate about how often should you get your oil changed, most of the mechanics feel that it is wise to change oil every 3 months, or every 3,000 miles. This is a good way to keep your vehicle running effectively and smoothly. If you have recently bought a used car, it is advisable to get your oil changed as well as check out oil filter, air filter, wiper blades, and also other parts of the car which require replacement frequently. So if it has been over 3,000 miles or 3 months, make an appointment today itself for an oil change.

The Most Common Signs

  1. For those who are wondering ‘how often do I need an oil change?’ there are several common signs which show that your car requires an oil change. First of all, dirty oil is a common sign; new, fresh oil is light in appearance and translucent as dark honey. On the other hand, oil which is used and dirty appears murky and dark and will be black as it gets too old.
  2. The second common sign that shows you should take your car in for oil change is the low level of oil. This is true for high mileage or older vehicles, but all vehicles burn a little amount of oil as they function. The third indicator is the warning light of your dashboard. Most new model vehicles have oil light warning that indicates that the level of lubricant is low or that it is very dirty. The oil change frequency depends on these indicative signs.
  3. Finally, unusual noises or any pinging in your engine could indicate that oil is dirty or oil level is low. Oil reduces friction and dampens noise, so when it gets degraded your vehicle will typically start making different kinds of sounds. Well, how much does an average oil change cost! The average oil change price is just $25, so getting your oil change done is quite affordable.

Extend the life of your engine by doing oil change regularly

By educating yourself about these signs that your vehicle needs oil change, you can avoid any potential problems to your car. However, the best thing to do is maintain your car well before your car shows any of the above mentioned warning signs. Do not worry about the oil change cost as there are a lot of oil change coupons which helps you save money while changing the vehicle oil. If this maintenance is performed every 3 months or around 3,000 miles, then you can make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly and your engine life is extended!

Why Should You Maintain Your Car Well

Oil is essential for the health of your vehicle’s engine. Oil lubricates the different metal parts of the engine so that you car runs efficiently and smoothly. If you have ever wondered why it is important to maintain your car by changing oil, then this article helps you to understand it better. It is helpful to know how often and when you need these services performed for your vehicle. Here is a list of the most common car maintenance and how to find out if any component of your vehicle should be addressed.

There are plenty of oil change locations

When the time comes for 10 minute oil change, you will get the best service when you know which state your car is in. These days, plenty of instant speedy oil change locations provide a plethora of extra services. Being aware of what should be done can benefit both you and the service center and will assure you that all additional services you receive are performed in a timely manner.

Oil change services

A few speedee oil change services will change your tires. This can be a convenient and great service. However, you should have some idea about the condition of your tires. Most of the tires must be replaced after reaching 40,000 miles, but with large selection of tires and the wide range of vehicles available these days, this number could vary a lot. Ensure that you check with your tire dealer or auto dealer and see how long your tires have been built to last.

Oil change San Diego

All four tires must wear evenly. If you notice tires on one side of your car are worn and smooth while the tires on the other side pristine, your vehicle might develop axle alignment problems. Likewise, when only a single side of the tire is worn, then the axle of your car may be bent, overloaded or misaligned. If your tires wear out is inconsistently and if your oil change San Diego service center provides tire service, then the employees must be able to recommend the best action course to take.

The easiest and best way to make sure that your tires are running smoothly is by checking the air pressure every month. Most drivers forget about the oil filter of their car. It is recommended to change the oil filter of your with in every oil change. To avail any discounts you can make use of Firestone oil change coupons.

Skipping Oil change Will Damage Your Car

The oil change frequency is the most important part of maintaining your car. Often we forget to do it, and the consequences for your vehicle can be devastating. It is a simple thing that you can either do by yourself, or take to a service center and have it done by a professional. Irrespective of how busy you are, you must never skip it. If you skip it, the damage to your vehicle can be serious.

2 main purposes of motor oil

How often do I need an oil change? The oil change should be done once in 3 months or each time the vehicle reaches 3000 miles. However, this also depends upon how you drive. So as to understand how often you should get your oil changed, it is good to know what the motor oil does for your vehicle. The motor oil has 2 main purposes – it keeps all parts lubricated and it removes bit of metal, other impurities and chemicals from the engine.

Oil change should be done regularly

In general, how often should you get your oil changed depends upon the distance you drive. If you do a lot of driving, you should consider changing oil more often. In fact, it does not hurt to have it done regularly. You can prolong the life of your vehicle to a great extent by taking it in for an oil change once in 3 months. This will surely make sure that your car is running smoothly and chemicals. So take your car to a nearby service center if you have not changed oil regularly. Do not worry about the cost as oil change cost is very less.

About synthetic oil

Getting oil change done is inexpensive and easy. Instead of using regular oil, you can also use synthetic oil for your car oil change. However, the synthetic oil change price is double the price of regular oil but it can be left in the car for a long time period. Skipping the much needed oil change will really damage your vehicle; hence make sure you get it done in time.

Benefits of Going to Jiffy Lube for Oil Change

For many individuals, economic downturn has made them to cut costs in every possible way. One way people have tried cutting own their costs is by reducing the amount of money they spend on maintenance of their car. Most people have also started learning to change the car oil. Changing car oil is not a very easy job, especially if you are not a trained professional. In order to change your own oil you need to first teach yourself to do it, which this takes a lot of time and effort too. For this, the first thing you need to know is when to change oil. And when time comes use Jiffy Lube oil change coupons to get considerable amount of savings.

Jiffy Lube Offers Great Discounts

Getting your vehicle oil changed by professionals form Jiffy Lube dealers will give you good discounts. Moreover, these professionals are well equipped to change your vehicle oil because they have been professionally trained. They also have the all tools to do the job properly, and they have methods to dispose of your used oil too. Another most interesting attribute of Jiffy Lube is that oil changes are much less compared to other service stations. No other place provides you with such amazing discounts as well as reduction on your final bill. The ease to allow these professionals change the oil will save you energy along with money and time.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change – The most affordable service

When you bring your vehicle to a professional then they are responsible for all mistakes which they make when they change your car oil. Although the chances of any mistakes being made by the professionals is not likely to happen, this accountability will afford you the ease of mind knowing that if mistakes are made while your oil is changed then it will be taken care of without charging you any additional cost. Jiffy Lube oil change prices are very affordable; they provide you with the best service in the industry and that too at the best possible costs.

Jiffy Lube Has Specially Trained Mechanics

It is advisable to have your vehicle oil changed by Jiffy Lube professionals. Professional dealerships like them have specially trained mechanics that have high knowledge about oil changing in your car and are also willing to go an additional mile to ensure that your vehicle runs swiftly. An oil change here starts from $15.99 for sedans. However, SUV owners should pay more than sedan car owners. The oil change cost of SUVs can be more than $60. However, with the use of Jiffy Lube oil change coupon you can avail great discounts.

What oil change can cost you and how often you need it

Changing oil is very important to ensure smooth vehicle operation. It is also crucial for vehicle maintenance that is why you need to frequently check your tank if you need to change your oil. Dirty oil can potentially damage your vehicle because when it coagulates it can sludge in-between engine spaces.

Checking the oil stick can help determine if the vehicle needs an oil change but not all the time. A lot of vehicle owners believe that when the oil deepens in color, you need to have it changed immediately. However, this is not advisable because even if the oil is dark, it can still keep the engine running. It is when it becomes viscous and too saturated that calls for an oil change. Tiny particles that get caught between the engines can cause problems for movement and may damage engine operation.

So how often should you change your oil? The answer is as long as there is a need to. Check the consistency of engine oil to determine if you need the car service. Some people may tell you that you need to change oil too if you have reached a certain distance but this may not always be true. You may need an oil change even before you reach the said distance. Prompt for oil change is needed when the oil no longer has good consistency. The reason for changing the oil is to ensure that it slides easily in the engine resulting in smooth driving.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer oil change – one reliable company is Jiffy lube oil change services. There is no common price for oil change because it depends on a lot of factors. It depends on the model of your car, engine, and amount of oil that needs extracting and change. Price will also depend on the type of oil. Jiffy has signature oil which costs higher but works wonders for your engine. An oil change can cost around $40 and can reach even $100, in case you want top quality oil. You can consult your engine’s manufacturer manual in case your car model requires a certain kind of oil or if your car has special needs to be met when changing oil. It is because there are also standards that need to be met to ensure consistency and also to ensure that you maintain your engine in good condition.

Since 1979, Jiffy Lube oil has helped a lot of drivers not just on oil changed but on vehicle maintenance as well. There are already so many franchises around the US because the company pioneered fast oil change service. The company makes sure drivers are safe and anxiety-free while on the road. The company ensures convenient, fast and quality service to make sure customer vehicles are runnign right.

If you want to know more about Jiffy Lube oil change price you can check online on their website where you can read more about the company and check their services. You may also visit their service centre directly.

Where can you get quality oil change service?

Are you wondering if it is worth it to pay for the Jiffy Lube oil change price? Allay those doubts because Jiffy Lube’s service offer the best value for every cent spent. With the companies many services, you no longer have to hire another company when you want your car fluids changed or when you need to clean your car’s interior.

What are the services rendered by Jiffy Lube?

Jiffy Lube provides top-notch oil changing services for its customers. The work is quickly and efficiently accomplished to ensure that your car gets good mileage. Aside from offering an affordable Jiffy Lube oil change price, the company renders other services such as exterior window cleaning and interior floor cleaning. Your car will look spotless after it has been cleaned inside-out. The company renders professional service you can count on the high level of quality given to each customer.

You can also have your car maintained with the help of Jiffy Lube. Getting regular car maintenance lengthens and might even improve the performance of your vehicle. Changing the oil is not enough you need to have your car maintained to ensure that it is performing at an optimum level at all times. The service crew from Jiffy Lube can also change the other fluids in your car. They can change the transmission or transaxle fluid, differential fluid, and the power steering fluid.

There are also discounts available for customers who sign up for the Fleet Card or credit card owners. You can get discounts on the Jiffy Lube oil change price if you have a credit card or Fleet Card.

How will you know the Jiffy Lube oil change price?

The Jiffy Lube oil change price will depend on the service you want to get. The price varies depending on the service rendered and the distance from the service center in your location. The price will also change when you avail of promos or special discounts from site members or credit card owners. Jiffy Lube provides good value for money, when it comes to changing oil and other car maintenance services.

How To Make Sure Your Car Runs Smoothly

Vehicles need engine oil as lubricant to make sure they run very smoothly. It not only aids in providing better performance and drive to the engine, but also improves the mileage of your car. Without clean oil the engine’s lifespan will slowly deteriorate, and later on it will be very difficult to repair because of lube stop. Then you will have to replace the engine of your car completely. To prevent all of these, your vehicle must regularly undergo an oil change. A few service stations recommend oil change every 3 months or when the engine has reached around 5,000 miles.

Transmission fluid change cost varies from case to case

Usually oil changes come with additional tune-ups which checks if your vehicle is running safely. It includes hose and belt inspections, transmission fluid top-offs and tire pressures checks. The standard transmission fluid change cost varies from case to case, which include how many times you want to change the engine oil in each year and also the type of vehicle you own. The amount can surely depend on your driving habits, the competence of oil used on your engine and how often you use your car.

Transmission flush service should be done once a year

If you want o know the cost of an oil change, there are a few options to select from. In a few service stations it costs $25 to $40. However, you can use Jiffy Lube synthetic oil change coupons to get discounts on your total bill. Having a transmission flush service done at least once every year will definitely ensure that your truck or auto is thoroughly taken care of. Swapping out of the current transmission fluid is crucial for helping your vehicle to operate well as well as reduce the strain which is placed on the system.

Indicators you should not ignore

If you keep old fluid in for a long time, you will begin to encounter problems which will indicate it is time to get the fluid replaced. When you start to perceive these indicators, it can be a signal that you should bring it to an expert and do your car maintenance. The following are the issues you might notice:

  • Issues switching gears
  • Car will not start
  • Transmission fluid leaking
  • Noises inside the transmission and brake fluid flush

Opt for a complete flush

For those who have discovered these conditions, you must take care of your car repair immediately. Leaving this unattended will result in the vehicle not working while trying to start it later on.  A complete flush is the maintenance plan which you would want to opt for with regards to making sure your car is operating just as new.

Have a Professional from Jiffy Lube to Change Your Oil

For a lot of individuals, the economic downturn has made them cutting costs in all possible ways. One of the ways people have tried to cut own the costs have been by cutting down on the money spent on maintenance of vehicle, appliance or home repairs. Specifically, many people have also been learning to change the oil in the vehicle. Changing the oil in your vehicle is not an easy task, particularly if you’re not a trained professional. For changing your own oil you should first teach yourself to do it, and this takes effort and time. For this, when should oil be changed is the first thing you should know.

Oil Change Discounts by Jiffy Lube

Having your car oil changed by Jiffy Lube professional dealers can save you money as well as time. These are professionals who are better equipped for changing your oil because they have been specially trained. Moreover, they have the all tools to do the job correctly, and they have methods for disposing of your used oil as well. The most interesting part is their Jiffy Lube Coupons 10% Off which gives you discounts and reduction on your bill. The ease of allowing these professionals will save your energy.

The most affordable oil change service

If you bring your car to a professional then they are held responsible for any mistakes that they make while changing your oil. Though the chance of a mistake being made by professionals is often minimal, this accountability affords you the ease of mind knowing that if a mistake is made while your oil is being changed then it will be taken care of at no extra cost to you. Jiffy Lube Prices for Services is very affordable; they render the best service in the industry at the best possible rates.

Oil Change Cost for Sedan and SUV

Ultimately it is recommended to have your oil changed by professionals. Professional dealerships like Jiffy Lube have specially trained mechanics which are highly knowledgeable about changing the oil in your car and are willing to go an extra mile to make sure that your car runs smoothly. An oil change costs starts from $15.99 for a sedan. However, an SUV owner has to pay more than a sedan car owner. The oil change of SUV can be almost $60. However, Synthetic Oil Change Cost will still be double on both these two cars if you opt for synthetic engine oil.

What Makes Jiffy Lube the Most Trusted and Well Known Store!

Jiffy Lube is the most trusted and well known quick service oil change companies in Canada and the United States.  Currently there are more than 2,000 locations all over North America.  Jiffy Lube is Shell Oil’s subsidiary, as is Quaker State and Pennzoil.  This suggests that you must be getting the best Jiffy Lube oil change prices and deals on both the motor oil brands.  You should not expect this company to pay full cost for a product that their company has already made.

Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change

Each major fast lube and oil change company has their own branding for the oil change services. The most preferred service at Jiffy Lube is the Signature Oil Change Service which can be availed using Jiffy Lube oil change coupon.  A few of them will differ from one company to another; however most will have same standard of services.  The following is what comes with every Jiffy Lube oil change:

Oil Change:

  • Oil filter
  • Oil with up to 5 quarts of good motor oil


  • Level of brake fluid
  • Serpentine belts
  • Antifreeze or coolant levels of reservoir
  • Wiper blades
  • Engine air filtration system
  • Chassis lubrication when applicable
  • Exterior lights

Check to fill the following:

  • Battery water
  • Transaxle or Transmission fluid
  • Tire pressure
  • Differential fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Transfer case fluid
  • Windshield washer fluid


  • Vacuum interior floors
  • Exterior windows

With all of those above mentioned services, you would expect Jiffy Lube to be very expensive.  In fact, they are on par with the prices of other companies; however sometimes a tad more. The Jiffy Lube oil change price will depend upon the type of car you are driving and where you are as well.  These centers are all franchise owned, thus every location can have a different rate. You need to expect to pay almost $45.99 for a basic oil change on any normal vehicles.  The price jumps for synthetic oil changes and high mileage.

Go to Jiffy Lube to Get Your Car Oil Changed

Getting the oil change done is one of the necessary requirements to keep up on the maintenance of your car. Most of the automobile manufacturers suggest that you get this kind of regularly scheduled maintenance once in 3 to 6 months or when your car reaches every 3,000 miles. Even though the frequency to complete this task is shared fairly well among all; the choice of where you should get your oil changed is left completely up to you. Most likely you will have to go into a dealership to do this. However, there are some who do oil change all by themselves to cut short their expenditure. The best way for oil changing is going to Jiffy Lube and using Jiffy Lube oil change coupons to get fantastic discounts on your final bill.

Regular scheduled car maintenance

Jiffy Lube auto care services also perform the regular scheduled maintenance such as oil change for you. Their Jiffy Lube oil change price is very comparable and depends upon whether or not you can find any good discounts. The company is typically known for their oil changing services, but they also perform all basic car maintenance services. Due to their specialty in oil change, they mostly include amazing discounts on oil change services.

Other services provided

Finally, Jiffy Lube has thousands of centers across the United States and Canada which will perform the quick lube service. It has been around for a long time now and it also performs the basic services performed as other providers; including rotations of tire if requested. Overall, to get regular oil change is vital for the maintenance of your car. So the next time when your car is due for oil change, do not forget to use Jiffy Lube oil change coupons at any of their centers. Ask the service center to place a sticker in the window to remind you when your next oil change is necessary.