Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices List and Savings Guide

When it comes to Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices, a variety of factors determine the price of a check up.

First and foremost, the costs vary and are dependent on the State/City/Town you reside at in the United States from Indianapolis to Los Angeles.

It goes without saying that some States have a higher cost due to the demand, material and costs of labor.

The costs are also dependent on the kind of vehicle you drive and the type of tank, its size not forgetting the laborious nature of the job.

The kind of lubricants you desire plays a huge role as well as quality and brand varies.

JLI offers its customers conventional, synthetic, and high mileage oil changes.

Fortunately, the service offers up to date specials, promotions and discount coupons that are all low priced. 

To help save, you will never fail to find reasonable oil change deals if you waft through the official website (Coupons page) and also keep your eye on numerous promotions in other individual location pages.

The franchisees all focus on their overall value and experience.

Service costs can only be compared to other reputable service locations across America.

Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change Price

Choose the oil that's right for you from the Jiffy Lube price list. A major factor of pricing difference is place of residence. Use the store finder to find your nearest location and call ahead of time to check the cost difference.
High Mileage$60.99
Synthetic Blend$64.99
Full Synthetic$76.99
Full Synthetic with Hyper Cleansing$89.99

Add more life to your automobile along with deep discounts! Each Signature Service® incorporates up to Five quarts of good quality engine oil, an filters, plus:

  • Clean windows and inside floors
  • Check tire pressure and top off essential fluids

Jiffy Lube Select Service Prices

These are additional services, costs may vary by location.


Windshield Wiper Replacement$10.99
Light Bulb Replacement$10.99


Fuel Filter Replacement$59.99
Fuel System Cleaning$59.99
Cabin Air Filter Replacement$39.99
Engine Air Filter Replacement$14.99


A/C Evacuation & Recharge$119.99
Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange$119.99
Automatic Transmission Drain & Fill$59.99
Manual Transmission Service$49.99
Differential Service$74.99
Transfer Case Srvice$49.99
Radiator Antifreeze Coolant Service$89.99
Serpentine Belt Replacement$89.99
Engine Flush$59.99
Tire Rotation Service$24.99
Batter Terminal Cleaning$9.99

Factors that determine Price

North American posses this wonderful chain of business known as Jiffy Lube that provides plenty of automotive exclusive services and also offer oil changes in a fabulous manner. This Company is located in the Houston, Texas.  And Shell Corporation subsidy Jiffy and now this awesome company run successfully more than 2,000 branches in the country of North America. This Company provides excellent oil change service price to its customers who seeks filter and oil change for their automotive needs. In the year 2011 month of June the Company introduced a fantastic program known as Oil Change Schedule (OCS).

The new program gave its precious customers the privilege to choose their frequency of oil change for their automobiles. These choices were dependant on various aspects such as the conditions of the roads, driving habits followed by the user and recommendations made by the manufacturers eventually. The new OCS program has opened fresh doors of hope that has broken the routine 3000 miles oil change into much comfortable pattern for every individual driver by following a unique schedule.
According to the North America survey results conducted in the year 2011 Jiffy Lube has been awarded the most significant single competitor in the world of service parts dealer business. One basic reason why people prefer Jiffy Lube is the offers to other dealers is that they are convenient and more reasonable. Now let us analyze the basic factors that determined the cost of oil change prices at the Jiffy for every individual person driving the vehicle.

Pricing Factors

  1. Sugarland TexasPlace of residence

    • As of in all the other gas price factors the oil change price at the Jiffy also depends on the exact locations where you are residing in the US country. The price usually varies in different states of US. As we all know there are some states in the US where there is a huge demand as well as an increase in the labor cost and materials used, and therefore in such states the cost reaches a hike.
  2. Depends on the type of vehicle

    • The type and model of the vehicle that you drive is another important aspect that determines the oil change price. This is because of the reason that the oil tank size of every sedan is different and varies in features too. And also according to the labor contribution requirements and schedule the lube oil price varies intensively.
  3. The oil change kind

    • There are three types of oil change offered by the Jiffy Lube Corporation exclusively, such as the following-
      • Conventional oil change
      • High mileage oil changes
      • Synthetic oil changes
    • The Jiffy lube oil change price is not the same for all these oil change types. It varies according to every kind. Therefore you need to first ask for the tariff quotation and pick the best that will suit your vehicle and your budget.
  4. Oil change discounts, promotions and specials

    • Jiffy offers special promotions and discounts coupons that will affect the oil change price eventually. visit the company’s official web page for more details regarding current price discount coupons and promotions to grab the best offer.

How people get the best deal?

One may think that because it is a national chain providing a relatively standard service which each oil change at Jiffy Lube, irrespective of where you were or what vehicle you brought in will cost you the same. In fact, not everyone pays the same rate for the same service. There are some variations on how much people pay for oil change in Jiffy Lube.

They get the most basic service and use Jiffy Lube oil change coupon. The company also runs promotions at some times of the week if they tend to be slow in business. They advertise the specials on their marquee signs that are outside their service store. To get the least price, visit the store during their promotional time and use the coupon for an additional 10 to 15% off. You can get the lowest oil change price available.

Some things to remember

One of the highest Jiffy Lube oil change prices was a whopping $150 paid in Sacramento in California. You may wonder how somebody could pay that much for just one oil change. The truth is that the cost is likely for more than the standard oil change. The best way to avoid the up-sells is sticking onto getting only the oil change. If there is anything else you decide to be done, make another appointment with your mechanic to do it. Jiffy Lube is counting on people wanting convenience of wanting the services done right then, thus they make you pay a premium for such conveniences.

Free oil change at Jiffy Lube

One of the contributors has reported that he was made to wait for more than an hour for an oil change; hence they gave it to him fully free. It is significant to know this as there are chances that you may get a free oil change. You usually will have to complain and ask for a free oil change to get it. Managers may have the discretion to give free oil changes if you are waiting for a long period of time. However, there are many Jiffy Lube oil change coupons which you use during the oil change to lessen your bill amount.

$36.04 is an average price which is determined through many contributions from all across the United States. Though this is an average cost most people pay somewhere between $25 and $32. The average has been positively skewed as some people pay much more than the average $36 for oil changes.

About Jiffy Lube Oil

In the United States, there probably are a dozen or so big franchises such as Jiffy Lube which will change the oil in your car; this is their main specialty. The most well known and largest is Jiffy Lube and they perform their signature services across the country and they are well known for their in and out services. Pennzoil owns Jiffy Lube as it was bought by them in the year 1990. The Signature Service of Jiffy Lube actually range from $29.99 – 49.99 based on the particular services that are rendered.

The Jiffy Lube synthetic oil change price you pay for will depend on the kind of service you get and your current location from the nearest Jiffy Lube service center. The company also offers discounts to customers who get Fleet Cards or who have their own credit cards. The Jiffy Lube oil change price is well worth it because of the variety of services you can get once you hire this service company. You can get more out of your money and save more in the long run when you choose Jiffy Lube.

How much does a Jiffy Lube oil change cost? Well it just got cheaper!! Changing the oil of your vehicle is not just a good thing but a necessary activity to do in regular intervals. Motor oil change is important to keep your car in excellent condition. The function of the engine oil is to keep the insides of your vehicle lubricated and running smoothly.

The engine is composed of internal parts that move against one another. The constant direct contact causes wear and damage that could lead to your engine functioning less efficiently. In turn, it will increase the use of fuel and the possibility of your engine malfunctioning. By lubricating the engine with perfect quality of oil a thin film is formed between the surfaces of the moving parts, keeping them from rubbing each other directly. Thus, minimizing the heat caused by friction and preventing wear on the parts, maintaining the good condition of the car’s engine.

However, if you don’t change the motor oil as frequently as necessary, the dirty oil will just ruin again the flawless engine operation. The dirt and greasy mud will form up in the various moving parts, which could lead into the degradation of the engine. The dirty oil will also lose its function of lubricating the parts, which can cause long term damage. If the situation gets worse you’ll end up getting an engine replacement which can cost you more than when you maintain your vehicle with regular oil change.

Changing oil is easy and simple. You can even do it yourself. But it will better if you let the experts do the greasy task for you. Depending on your type of vehicle, you can get your oil changed at Jiffy Lube as it is definitely the best of the best.

Oil change service is more than just simply changing your motor oil. The service includes changing, examining, checking/filling and cleaning the vital parts of your car. You can count on their reliable technicians to perform first rate quality when it comes to their services. Jiffy Lube takes pride in its incomparable service output that helps maintain your car’s longevity and value.

The technicians will not only deliver an oil change service but also offer a few maintenance tips to keep your engine running smoothly. You will be provided with the best ways to maintain your car, keep it lubricated and running smoothly from oil and filter change, tire tread and pressure check, to the cleaning of the essential parts.

An average oil change price starts from $25

How much does an average oil change cost? The answer to this cannot be precise because it depends on the vehicle. However, an average cost of oil change at Jiffy Lube starts from $25 and goes up to $60 depending on the car. Getting an oil change is very important because if the vehicle is not lubricated properly, the engine parts will rub together causing friction. This wears down the engine parts as well as causes excess heat, resulting in overheating of your car. If the motor oil gets dirty and old, it cannot remove the impurities.

What are the deals offered by Jiffy Lube?

Jiffy Lube offers discounts and promos to get more value out of the oil change price you pay for. You can get coupons and get $5 off the service you paid for. You can also avail of other discounts by using your MasterCard. You can also avail of Fleet Credit Cards offered by Jiffy Lube to get bigger and better discounts.

When do you need to change oil?

The number of times you have to change the oil depends on different factors. The usage, age, model, and the manufacturer affect how many times you change the oil of your car. How often you change your oil also depends on the weather. If you constantly drive through hot weather places or places that have strong gusts of wind with dirt, you will need to change your car’s oil more often. Hauling heavy items all the time will require frequent oil changing as well. If your car is often driven through bad weather or hauls heavy items, you will need to change the oil once it hits 1,000 to 3,000 miles. If you do not change the oil, your car will be unable to perform at an optimum level. Newer cars or cars that are just driven through cities can last without an oil change for up to 7,500 miles. You can consult with the manufacturer of your vehicle to find out the best time to change your car’s oil. Refer to the below images for Jiffy Lube oil change prices.

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