Here is a comprehensive list of the all the official oil change service centers in the country to make it easy to find an oil change near me. Many of the service centers offer now offer online appointments and estimates.  Once you’ve found a nearby location use the latest and oil change coupons and promotions to get a cheap oil change. The following automotive service centers have trained technicians that have experience with common major and minor maintenance or repair service. A majority of these vehicle inspection locations offer wheel alignments, brake, cooling system, and tire services. The easiest way to find Oil Change Near You is to perform a search based on your location. Please use our custom search below and list of links.

Oil Change Store Locator

Find the nearest store using the below list of auto service centers.
Oil Change Store Locator
Big O Tire
Express Oil
EZ Lube
Grease Monkey
Jiffy Lube
Merchant's Tire
Mr. Tire
Oil Can Henry's
Pep Boys
Quick Change
Sears Auto Center
Take 5 Oil
Tire Kingdom
Tires Plus
Valvoline Instant Oil Change
Victory Lane
Walmart Auto Center

Castrol Service Hours of Operation

Monday9am - 5pm
Tuesday9am - 5pm
Wednesday9am - 5pm
Thursday9am - 5pm
Friday9am - 5pm

Express Oil Hours of Operation

Monday8am - 6pm
Tuesday8am - 6pm
Wednesday8am - 6pm
Thursday8am - 6pm
Friday8am - 6pm
Saturday8am - 5pm

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Hours

MONDAY8am - 7pm
TUESDAY8am - 7pm
WEDNESDAY8am - 7pm
THURSDAY8am - 7pm
FRIDAY8am - 7pm
SATURDAY8am - 5pm
Typical store hours. Call in advance for the hours of operation: 1­-800­-FAST­-CHANGE (1­-800­-327­-8242)

Express Oil Locations & Hours of Operation

Visit the store's website through the store finder the hours of operation.

Monday8am - 6pm
Tuesday8am - 6pm
Wednesday8am - 6pm
Thursday8am - 6pm
Friday8am - 6pm
Saturday8am - 5pm

Automotive service centers are becoming more personal using their official websites. An account can be created to track your history of service and send reminders through text or email. Having an online account is a great way to schedule appointments and maintain your vehicle on a timely manner. These are the service centers I trust the most that have an online presence on Google plus, Facebook, and Twitter that also respond to emails through their customer service portal. Feel free to contact them about their service to increase customer satisfaction.

There are factors that you have to consider the next time you want a speedy oil change at the best and top service center.


Believe it or not there are still places which require you to get out of your vehicle and wait for your service of 10 minute oil change to be done. And though these places offer speedee oil change, it is really a problem for consumers, particularly when they are pressed for time. A busy person like you must look for a place which enables you to drive in, sit in your vehicle and drive right out as soon as the work gets completed.


Since you are a busy person, you would like to make the most of the time that you have. And spending time driving to find a service center is not going to make your life any simpler. Thus you want a place which can have your car serviced quickly. Just as crucial as how long it takes to get to speedy oil change service center is how simple it is to get in as well as out.

Services Provided

This speedy oil change center usually offers various service packages. The service center will change your car’s fluids, oil, air filter, tire pressure, wiper blades and lubricate vital parts too.


The standard price for a 10 minute oil change is around $25, which is a fair cost for time savings, the convenience and not having to get under the car yourself. You can use latest oil change coupons and promotions to get discount on your total bill.


Well, oil change San Diego provides quick oil change service as well as additional services, unlike some other centers which may take a little longer than ten minutes. Ideally speaking you should be in and out of the service center within 15 minutes, if you want the full service.

Customer Service

To find excellent customer service nowadays is very difficult and if you are successful in finding speedee oil change place which offers quick service and has a knowledgeable, friendly staff, then you have surely hit the jackpot.

Though these may seem as a lot of things to consider – particularly for something as simple as a 10 minute oil change, you and your vehicle will be better off once you find a place which offers everything you are searching for.