Pennzoil Oil Change Price & Coupons

When it comes to oil changes there are a ton of different options out there. It’s commonsense that you need to regularly change your oil to keep your car running smoothly, but knowing who to trust and what brand is best can be a little difficult.
The industry standard is often considered every 3,000 miles or 3 months but what brand is the best? There is really no ‘best’ option out there, but many customers do really on top brands like Pennzoil every day. Although getting your oil changed is important, what is just as important is making sure that a reputable mechanic checks all fluids and reports any ‘trouble signs’ that they might see in order to prevent future costly repairs.

Pennzoil oil change prices

Oil changes service varies at location. Most locations have a standard inspection and replace oil up to 5 quarts.

The following brands are carried at most locations: Pennzoil, Quaker State, Valvoline, Mobil 1 Synthetic, Castrol, Chevron Delo 400, and Shell Rotella
Standard Full Service$39.99
Motorhome/RV Service$49.99
High Mileage Full Service
Gold Synthetic Blend Full Service$54.99
Platinum Full Service$74.99
Pennzoil Ultra Full Service$84.99
Automatic Transmission Services
Drain and fill$49.99
Change fluid, new filter, and replace pan gasket$119.99
Flush Service$119.99
Manual Transmission Service
Drain and fill$49.99
Differential Services
Rear Differential$49.99
Front Differential $49.99
Transfer Case Service
Drain and fill most$49.99
Cooling/Antifreeze System Flush$69.99
Fuel Filter Service
Replace inline fuel filters for fuel injection systems$39.99
Diesel engine fuel filter$59.99
Fuel System Cleaning Service$59.99
Power Steering Flush Service$59.99
Air Filter Replacement$9.99
Cabin Air Filter Replacement$29.99
PCV Valve Replacement$9.99
Crankcase Breather Filter Replacement$5.00
Bosch Premium Wiper Blades$9.99
Bosch Evolution Wiper Blades$19.99
Fog light Replacement$19.99
Headlight Replacement$19.99
Exterior Light Replacement$9.99
License Plate Light Replacement$4.99
Serpentine Belt Replacement$64.99

So what is all included in a full-service oil change through a Pennzoil service station? They will install quality Pennzoil motor oil, a new oil filter, lube chassis, check air filter, top off important fluids, wash exterior windows, check tire inflation, and in some locations even vacuum out your vehicle interior for you! At Pennzoil they also require that mechanics go through a customized training program and also pass a certification through the retailer that show they know their stuff. So at Pennzoil you know you are getting topnotch service that goes beyond just an oil change, but there is a downside. Many of the service stations that go further than just quickly changing your fluids do so at a premium price. In order to cut some of the cost while also getting a premium service you will certainly want to be on the lookout for Pennzoil oil change coupons.
When it comes to finding coupons all it takes is a little knowledge of the right places to look. A great starting point for Pennzoil oil change coupons would be their own website. At this site they currently offer $5 off a standard oil change and have many other promotional offers as well. Beyond Pennzoil oil change coupons signing up at Pennzoil’s site can even get you a coupon for 15% off any of their do-it-yourself products as well.
Outside of Pennzoil’s own site a top resource for finding good deals is at, which offers many coupon brands including Pennzoil oil change coupons. Through a little shopping around you can get great name brand oil, a reputable mechanic, and peace of mind that your car is in good hands without breaking the bank.