Pep Boys Oil Change Coupon

When you own a vehicle, you know that keeping it in tiptop running condition is of vital importance. It assures you that you and other people who ride with you will remain safe.

There are many ways to keep your vehicle safe.  You can either do it yourself, or trust its care and maintenance to the experts. Whichever way you prefer, you have to choose a reliable partner who can provide you either with excellent  services, in the case of the latter, or the parts and supplies you can work with if you want to assume the responsibilities and tasks yourself.

You need to get in touch with a reliable company which excels in automotive services.  You can go to them for the necessary information and how-to instructions, as well as purchase the things necessary to do the job or jobs required. It is essential that you go to a company which sells only reliable and quality brands.

Pep Boys Coupons

Visit the offical PepBoys sales and specials for the latest offers.
$30 off wheel alignment
10% off any select service
50% off installation of shocks or struts or 20% off do-it-yourself shocks or struts
$15 off Pep Boys 3-step fuel injection and throttle body service package
$19.99 formula shell or BP Visco conventional motor oil change service
$15 off Pennzoil or Castrol High Mileage motor oil change service
$20 off installation of 4 wheels
$20 off Pennzoil Platinum or Castrol Edge synthetic motor oil change service
$10 off premium Pennzoil or Castrol GTX conventional motor oil change service


Advantages behind the use of Synthetic Oil Change Coupons

If you have used Synthetic oil change coupons, you will be aware of the chores indispensable benefits and features! A lot of people dread the presence of synthetic lubrication. This attributes to the option’s exorbitant price. In such cases, the synthetic oil change coupons will lend you a hand of help. These coupons will help you engage in oil change routines, without shedding lots of cash.

In this article you will read about the benefits of synthetic oil! As you understand the oil’s enthralling features, you will realize the need for synthetic oil change coupons.

A massive difference

According to motor experts, engines that are lubricated with synthetic oil will require lesser maintenance. Originally, conventional oil changes should be done every 3000 miles. On the other hand, vehicles with synthetic oil mechanisms would last longer. Predictions state the vehicle would run smoothly for at least 15000 miles. This is 5 times greater and better than non-synthetic lubrication. If you have synthetic oil change coupons, you should not miss the sensational opportunity! These coupons will save you from long-term expenditures.

Is the Synthetic Oil’s formula worth several dollars?

Did you know that synthetic oil has a cleaner formula? This is because the oil is created in a well-controlled environment, with negligible amounts of contaminants. The oil does not comprise of impurities. Thus, it would last longer. Moreover, the oil would remain stable during extreme climate changes. If you find synthetic oil change coupons, you should use them! These coupons will cut down the extra expense incurred while improving your vehicle’s overall quality. The oil change coupons are extremely worthy and reliable.

The bond between cold seasons and synthetic Oil

Research proves that synthetic oil would lubricate the engine thoroughly. This is because the oil flows freely and slowly. Cars that are driven in cold conditions will be benefited by the use of synthetic oil. Since, it retains its stability during cold seasons. Conversely, if you live in cold regions, the synthetic oil change coupons will be of utmost importance to you! There is nothing wrong in spending few extra dollars on an efficient oil change routine.

An efficient oil change experience

Are you an environmentalist? Do you love the nature and its greenness? If yes, you should stay away from non-synthetic oil changes. Conventional oil varieties will ruin your car’s performance and degrade the environment’s quality. Instead, make use of synthetic oil change coupons and few extra bucks for an efficient oil change!

Pep Boys: your go-to guys for oil change services

In a fast moving world, you need a reliable vehicle to keep up with the demands of your lifestyle. Whether you’re going to an important business meeting or going out for trips with your family, keeping your vehicle well maintained and running perfectly is crucial to ensuring your best laid plans won’t go to waste.

It’s not a big problem to keep your car in the best possible condition. You won’t have to break the bank or spend thousands of dollars just to ensure that your car will be given the best possible car maintenance and care. Leave your car in the hands of professionals and expert technicians, and you won’t have to worry. And when it comes to this kind of high quality service, no other name comes close but the trusted work of the Pep Boys (

With over 750 locations all over the country, there’s sure to be a service center near you ready to accommodate your car maintenance needs. Our team of over 20,000 technicians are more than capable to handle all your questions and concerns. When it comes to changing oil or changing your tires and other services, you can trust that you’re in professional hands.

One of the best ways to ensure your car’s in top performing condition is by making sure that you change your oil regularly. Pep Boys oil change is high quality in nature and are guaranteed to ensure your engine will be running smoothly. We offer five options and customizable packages to suit your different needs and preferences. What’s best about our services is that we offer high-quality oils at prices that won’t hurt the pocket. Our deals are always best value for money, because with every oil change service package you get up to five quarts of oil, tire rotation, vehicle inspection and a new oil filter.

We offer different kinds of oil: conventional oil, high mileage oil (best for engines more prone to wear and tear), and synthetic oil that best performs at different temperatures and can best protect your engine.

Our oil change packages can go for as low as $31.99 for the conventional oil service package. Need something more enhanced? Our other oil change services can go for $69.99 for the high quality Mobil1 Synthetic Oil Change Service Package.

It’s easy to set up an appointment with us. You can do so online or by calling us. We will give you a Pep Boys oil change coupon to facilitate our services.

Four Different Means of Oil Changes

Gone are the days when oil changes were calculated in simple dollars and cents. The so-called-simple process involves lots of complications and hassles. Before you search for cheap oil change companies, remember to acknowledge the sweat, tear and blood that is shed by the professionals. So, how much is an oil change? Will the value vary from one vehicle to another? Or, does it depend on the service provider? In this article, you will learn about various artifacts that would alter the cost of your oil change routine.

The knack in Do It Yourself Procedures

Have you ever attempted a do-it-yourself oil change session? Experienced drivers consider this as an effortless and ideal way to save some extra bucks. The filter and oil should be bought & installed manually. So, are you ready to get into hardcore action? First of all, you should remove the drain plug. This is a simple task that could be performed by anyone. Secondly, you must install the new filter and change the oil. Technically, the do-it-yourself routine will be worth few tens of dollars! For instance, a nominal oil change session will be around USD 20.

Approaching a mechanic

Secondly, you should maintain a good relationship with your mechanic. This is a smart move that must be followed for better services. However, don’t act like best friends with the mechanic! Instead, treat him fairly and pay him properly. When you approach a local mechanic, the oil change will cost you around USD 35! The extra bucks would attribute to his busted back and strained knuckles. As mentioned previously, you should remember that oil changes are linked with lots of hassles and tussles! It is easy said than done.

Services from national chains

Thirdly, you could acquire assistance from national chains. Well established oil change centers like Jiffy Lube tend to do a great job. Additionally, they tend to repair broken filters and remove dirt from the chassis. A basic oil change in Jiffy Lube will range between USD 25 and USD 30.

Working with car dealers!

Finally, you could opt for oil changes from car dealers. When you toil with a car dealer, everything will be recorded and managed properly. Moreover, you can decide on warranty claims. However, car dealers will give you a minimum bill of USD 50.

Ultimate bottom line

The question “how much is an oil change” has several answers. Always remember that the final decision will depend on your capabilities and needs!

When’s Your Next Scheduled Oil Change?

You can also opt to get trained technicians to handle the work required, and save yourself the time and effort, not to mention the headaches, that come with handling the big and seemingly never-ending project of your vehicle’s care and maintenance.

The Pep Boys has been around for more than forty decades.  It offers an entire range of automotive services – maintenance and repair, and products.  It has established a firm reputation in the industry, and has truly lived up to expectations developed when it was named among the top five hundred fastest growing corporations in the United States about ten years back.  It is among the foremost companies selling replacement automotive tires. The first Pep Boys outlet was set up in Pennsylvania in 1921. The business has since grown to include more than 700 outlets and roughly 7,000 service-bays in more than 30 states, and in Puerto Rico.  It has close to 20,000 professionally-trained technicians in its roster, all ready and trained to provide top-notch automotive services for your vehicle.

The company prides itself in its well-trained staff.  It also boasts of maintaining only products of the finest quality.  You can find in its shelves only the finest brands for your vehicle – accessories, maintenance/replacement parts, electronic products, tires, and other related merchandise, in keeping with the first class reputation the company is recognized for.

The company is a sponsor of NASCAR Daytona 500 two time champion Sterling Marlin’s Number 14 car.  It has also backed the Pep Boys Auto 500 event in 2008 and 2009.  In keeping with these pursuits, the company continues to offer gadgets and equipment so that car racing enthusiasts can indulge their passion for fast performance-driving.

The novice and typical everyday driver can likewise pander to their interest and need for information about vehicle-systems and options by talking to the Pep Boys specialists who pride themselves in well-earned ASE certifications.  Appointments can be readily and conveniently scheduled even on the same day to suit your needs.

Pep Boys provides a full range of service for your convenience. Our service is not simply mechanical or obligatory.  Pep Boys cares about your vehicle as much as you do.  So we offer you the finest solutions so that you can keep your vehicle in tip-top condition for the longest time possible.

Our technicians in all of our shops in vital sections of the country are ASE-certified.  We are equipped with modern, up-to-date work tools and paraphernalia so that we give the best service to repair, maintain, or upgrade your vehicle.

Our company is a full-service company – we can respond to all your requirements related to your vehicle. We are well-known for our services.  We do Pep Boys oil change. We repair, maintain, and upgrade brakes.  We install batteries. We service tires.

Aside from these more conventional services, our technicians also have the expertise to carry out shocks, execute steering/suspension upkeep and conservation, make replacements/inspections/upgrades according to the stringent guidelines put up by the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP).  We work according to the strictest quality standards to make sure that you receive only the finest service.