Pep Boys Oil Change Prices

Pep Boys has a reputation for having an exceptional package for Pep Boys oil change. This is one of the more popular services of Pep Boys. Oil is vital to the life of your car’s engine. Pep Boys provides you with more than just the run-off-the-mill oil change. Its straight oil-change package assures you of fast, reliable, and high-quality service to ensure that your engine will have prolonged life. The Pep Boys oil change package includes up to five quarts of conventional motor-oil and a fresh oil filter.  You can also opt to have your tires rotated.  Our expert technicians can test out your tires for tread-depth and tire-pressure. Multi-point assessments can also be done without additional charges. We do not charge shop/disposal costs.

You can simply get in touch with the store closest to you.  You will receive a Pep Boys oil change coupon to bring with you on your appointed schedule.

Pep Boys Oil Change Prices


Conventional Motor Oil Change Packages

Formula Shell or BP Visco Conventional Motor Oil Change Service Package$31.99
Premium Pennzoil or Castrol GTX Conventional Motor Oil Change Service Package$49.99

High Mileage Motor Oil Change Packages

Pennzoil or Castrol High Mileage Motor Oil Change Service Package$59.99

Synthetic Motor Oil Change Packages

Pennzoil Platinum or Castrol Edge Synthetic Motor Oil Change Service Package
Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor Oil Change Service Package$74.99

Different Types of Motor Oil

Pep Boys oil change package gives you the opportunity to choose from five oil-change options calculated to dove-tail with the present needs of your car. You can request to see our staff for consultation so that your oil-change package is tailored to your specific needs.

Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil

Pep Boys oil change package includes only the finest brands so that you can rest assured that your vehicle is optimally protected and that deposits do not build up to the detriment of your vehicle. We use only the finest oils to ensure against breakdowns due to oil-thickness.  The Pep Boys oil change package also gives the best shield against wear and tear. The Pep Boys oil change service counts on Pennzoil/Castrol GTX motor-oils to keep your vehicle operating at its best.

Pep Boys tries to make thing easy and convenient for our customers. To facilitate our service to your vehicle, all you have to do is to log on to our appointment-page, find the shop located nearest your area,  fill in the time most convenient to you, and give us the pertinent information about your vehicle. At your appointed day, we will be all set to address your needs – to provide quick, precise, and superior service, to your utmost satisfaction.

How to Save Few Extra Bucks From an Oil Change Bill?

Cars are recognized as a symbol of luxury and pride. Individuals, tend to dream of posh cars with startling features and eye-catchy looks. However, very few buyers are conscious about automotive maintenance. Research states that unmaintained cars produce more fumes and pollutants than small factories! Thus, vehicles should be maintained properly for a safer and better environment.

A very important process

“Oil change” is a very important process during automotive maintenance. Lubrication would increase the vehicle’s efficiency and lifespan. Though you could perform oil change in your homes, it is wise to acquire services from cheap oil change mechanics, workshops or national chains.

A simple Estimate

Generally, a cheap oil change session would cost you at least USD 20. The chore has to be performed once in every three months. This creates a bill of USD 400 per annum. Budget conscious car owners consider this as an additional burden on their yearly expenditures. However, you can reduce the cost of oil change routines by using three different strategies.

Cheap Oil Change Coupons

Coupons are becoming extremely famous! From simple recharges to massive purchases, you can use coupons to save few extra bucks. Oil change coupons will help you save at least USD 5 from the final bill. These coupons can be downloaded from the internet, cut from local newspapers or obtained from supermarkets. When you acquire an oil change coupon, remember to focus on the following parameters:

  1. Check if the coupon would last for at least 3 weeks.
  2. Verify if the coupon is meant for your location.
  3. Check if the coupon has special terms and conditions.

Extended Benefits in Bundle Plans

Secondly, you should make use of “Bundle plans”. Many workshops comprise of “Special packages”. These plans would en cover a wide range of chores. For instance, a complete auto-package will check for repairs, change flat tyres and lubricate the engine. When compared against single plans, the group-offers are cheaper and sensible. Some of the cheapest oil change plans will be found in these bundle packs!

Benefits of Pure Loyalty!

Thirdly, you should remain loyal to a mechanic for cheap oil change routines. Don’t jump from one workshop to another! Frequent customers would be delighted with special services and additional benefits. Hence, try to stick onto a special service provider for a very long time. Sometimes you would receive free oil change sessions once in a while.

Pep Boys Oil Change

Pep Boys is a one-stop solution to all auto parts supply and services. Having its wide network of retails and franchisees spread across the United States, this company has established its presence in the automobiles industry quite strongly. One of their most recommended and appreciated services that they offer is the oil change service for all types of vehicles. Oil change is as important and actually the most essential part of the routine maintenance with regards to any type of vehicle.

The best way to get all the information about their elaborate oil change services is by going through their informative website. When one browses through the website, one will be exposed to the extensive services that they offer. Pep boys is not just limited to various services related to automobiles, but they even deal into auto parts that is readily available on their website. One can even take an appointment for oil change service by registering online on their website.

Now coming back to the approvingly talked about oil change services offered by Pep Boys, they offer the best rates in the market along with valuable advice to find the right oil for one’s car. The oil change packages for vehicles are diverse covering almost every type of oil change requirement that a customer can ask for.

Oil change services with Pep Boys

In this fast paced lifestyle, you rely on your vehicle to go places and keep yourself on the go. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re ready to head out the door when you ned to go somewhere — and that means you have to make sure your vehicle is well maintained and ready to go places. To keep your vehicle in the best condition, don’t just leave it to any car mechanic. Trust the experts with thousands of professional technicians who are certified to keep your car in the best condition: that’s Pep Boys ( Name your vehicle maintenance needs, and you’ll get only topnotch quality service from us.

If you are in need of oil change services, Pep Boys oil change is the best value service available in the market. We have five options designed to cater to your specific needs. Set up an appointment with us and receive a Pep Boys oil change coupon so we can help you decide which is more in line with your needs. Each oil change consists of up to five quarts of oil, a new filter, optional tire rotation and vehicle inspection. That’s one service package that can’t be beaten, for as low as $31.99.

We’ll even help you change the right oil for your needs, whether it’s conventional oil, high mileage oil or synthetic oil. Conventional oil helps protect against deposit buildup. High mileage oil has additives for engines that go over 75,000 miles — perfect for your high functioning vehicle. To better increase the life of your engine, choose synthetic oil that performs well at different temperatures. Still unsure over what oil to pick? Just set up an appointment with us and we’ll give you answers to all your vehicle maintenance questions. We don’t change additional fees for clean up or disposal of oil — that’s highly valued customer service guaranteed.

Looking for something better for your vehicle? We also offer high mileage oil change packages for as low as $54.99, while our synthetic oil change package goes for as low as $64.99. Our Mobil1 oil change package is available at $69.99. These are high quality packages that offer the best value service.

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle and ensuring it’s ready to go when you are, you won’t go wrong with the Pep Boys. No one else does car servicing and maintenance as well as we do. With us, you get 100% quality service guaranteed.

The Pep Boys oil change service packages consists of the following five main oil change options:-

  1. Pep Boys Conventional Oil Change Service Package- This package offers swift and quality service that helps the engine and lubricates it perfectly for exceptional car performance.
  2. Premium Conventional Pennzoil/Castrol GTX Oil Change Service Package- This package makes use of the mentioned oil brands that helps to make the vehicle function as if it is brand-new.
  3. Premium Pennzoil/Castrol High Mileage Oil Change Service Package- This one is perfect for the engine of a high mileage vehicle. It helps extend the life of the engine by decreasing friction thereby minimizing the wear and tear of it.
  4. Premium Plus Pennzoil Platinum/Castrol Edge Synthetic Oil Change Service Package- Synthetic motor oil outdoes in everyway as compared to others. Guarantees super performance, enhanced gas mileage and engine responsiveness.
  5. Mobil1 Synthetic Oil Change Service Package- This one is the best oil change package offered by Pep Boys with respect to the engine’s defense and performance. It surpasses all others by providing protection from wear and tear, swifter cold starts, cleaning power is stupendous, and all this combined to result into best performing engine.

All these oil change options include up to five quarts of preferred oil, a brand-new oil filter, tire rotation if required, and multi-point inspection at absolutely no additional costs. This is not it. The package also has no extra charges for shop fees or disposal fees.

Pep Boys oil change services is the perfect solution for all car owners. The helpful website also provides advice and tips on how to find the right oil and filter for one’s vehicle. Even if one wishes to carry out the oil change process by themselves, they can easily do so by going through the ‘Car Care Corner’ on their website. Don’t miss out on this one to present oneself with the best rates combined with quality service.

The Role of Oil

When it comes to the routine of your vehicle maintenance, changing oil is definitely one of the less expensive services. Despite its low cost, changing your oil is very important since oil plays a multifaceted, vital role in your engine. Therefore, spending few bucks on oil change services can prevent you from spending more money in the future.

The engine oil provides 3 key functions in an engine.

  1. The engine oil keeps the components of the engine working smoothly together.
  2. The inside part of an engine is a place where thousands of detonations are being controlled every minute and the place can be hot. One role of the engine oil is to help draw the heat away from combustion chamber.
  3. Lastly, it can help prevent the varnishes and carbon from accumulating inside the engine.

What Oil You Should Use

There are many kinds of engine oil and you can even determine what type of oil you should choose for your vehicle. You can find it in your owner’s manual just look for the appropriate viscosity of oil that you should use, e.g. 5W-30. To make sure that your car will have the best performance, you should visit a reliable oil change service provider like Pep Boys oil change service as they can provide you with top quality brands of oil and they even have certain packages that you can choose from.

Three reasons behind the Need for Frequent Oil Changes

Many people consider the process of changing oil, once in every 3000 miles as an interesting suggestion. On the other hand, experts consider oil changes as a very important necessity. When you change your car’s oil, you will ascertain on the vehicle’s life span and performance. A well maintained and lubricated car will last for several years. The process is related with a huge array of benefits. For instance, oil changes would increase the vehicle’s gas mileage, enhance engine stability and ensure efficiency. In this article, let’s have a deeper look into these sensational benefits.

An improved mileage!

A major benefit that can be witnessed through regular oil changes would be an “Improved Gas Mileage”. Dirty oil with residues and debris would create lots of friction. This prevents the engine from moving freely. Consequently, more friction would induce more heat. This will decrease the car’s net mileage. In other words, the car will not reach its utmost capacity. In the midst of high gas prices, a poorly maintained engine will force you to spend lots of cash on fuel!

A car that lasts longer!

Secondly, do you want to drive your first car for several years? Do you wish to maintain your car’s performance for a very long time? In such cases, you should learn to focus on a clean engine. In other words, the engine should be lubricated with fresh oil. As you perform proper oil changes, you will save your engine from aging.

Better torque and horsepower

Moving on, everyone knows that the car’s net performance would depend on the engine. The torque and horsepower would depend on the engine’s efficiency. If you wish to maintain a maximum horsepower, you should eradicate the presence of engine deposits. To reduce engine residue, you must engage in oil changes. Technically, oil change is a great way to combat the presence of metallic deposits. Meanwhile, the process would lubricate the chassis and promise a better performance.

A quick summary

In the long run, oil changes play a very important role in the maintenance of vehicles. Apart from regular car washes and cleanups, you must remember to change the oil and its filter. The essential process will maintain your car’s overall performance and keep it running for a very long time. If you wish to know more about the benefits in oil changes, you should contact your dealer or a local mechanic!

Signs your Car Needs an Oil Change

Do you own a brand new car? Do you wish to increase your engine’s performance and lifespan? If yes, you should keep an eye on the car’s oil level. Experts consider the act of changing oil as one of the cheapest and easiest ways of ensuring your vehicle’s overall performance. Car oil should be changed as frequently as possible. For instance, in a brand new car, you must change the oil filter and its lubricant every 3000 miles. Meanwhile, a change that is done once in every 4000-6000 miles is acceptable for cars that have travelled more than 10,000miles. This article focuses on various signs that would state if your car’s oil must be changed or not!

A slow, stiff engine? Time for an oil change!

Firstly, learn to observe your car and its features! Original oil will be honey brown and transparent. Sooner, the oil would become dark and opaque. This is when you should be prepared to change the oil in your car. As dust particles mix with the dark black oil, your car’s overall performance will decrease remarkably. Also, check if the oil filter is filled with contaminants. These particles would gunk up in the chassis and decrease its lifespan.

A loud engine? Change the Oil!

Secondly, is your engine loud and slow? In such cases, you should engage in a car oil change session. The oil will lubricate your engine and reduce friction. Without proper lubrication that engine’s guts would grind and rub against one another harshly! This creates unpleasant noises, resulting in a very bad drive experience. If you want to enjoy a splendid drive, you must put some fresh, new oil into the engine.

A period check! When did you last change oil?

Do you remember when you performed your last car oil change? Busy patrons tend lose track of their auto-maintenance sessions. Conversely, they have the tendency to drive with an empty oil tank! This will reduce the car’s health. If you can’t remember when the fluids were swapped, you should visit a local workshop and check if you should engage in a car oil change session!

An Engine Light that is always ON

Have you ever seen a blinking “Engine Light”? Or, is your engine light ON at all times? If yes, it’s time for a car oil change! The engine light indicates the need for lubrication. So, don’t waste time; rush to a local workshop and get your oil levels checked.

What If You Don’t Change Your Oil

In short, it’s definitely not a pretty act. That should be the last thing in your list or never include in your list at all.

One of the big problems when you choose not to have your oil changed is that the oil will start to build up in the vehicle engine’s cooler parts like around the valves and camshafts, as well as the crankcase. This can then lead to sludge and carbon deposits that comes out of your old engine oil. In addition to that unpleasant happening, you will be required to have more expensive engine cleaning and might even force you to change your worn out piston rings. Unfortunately, it can even get worse. The camshafts could also be damaged due to the accumulation of carbon and the piston could seize eventually. When you have all the bills for these repairs in your hand, you will definitely blame yourself for not having a correct oil change service routine. Pep Boys oil change is not an expensive service that’s why you should consider having a regular oil change service as it can also serve as a very cheap insurance for the engine of your car.

Of course, you don’t want to spend more money in the end and end up blaming yourself for not having a correct, regular oil change service routine. That is the reason why Pep Boys oil change plays a vital role in your day to day life. Aside from the fact that they offer high quality yet totally cheap oil change service, they can also avail of their Pep Boys oil change coupon. Visit a branch near you or check out their website for more information on all their services.

How Often You Should Change Your Oil

Engine oil changes are usually recommended when a specific time limit or mileage is being reached. One of the most common intervals is three months or three thousand miles, but what is really more important? Is it the time or the mileage?

When’s Your Next Scheduled Oil Change?

Automotive experts say that one should trust the odometer and not the calendar. As a matter of fact, driving has more impact on the engine oil. If the car is on standby, there is a much lesser need to replace your engine oil. In addition to that, the oil change intervals are often more frequent in the past compared today. Around fifty years ago, a vehicle owner would have had to replace their oil every time they have reached 500 miles. Nowadays, drain intervals for other oils can even set a standard of 3,000 miles, while others have come up with some special high quality performance oils, which are recommending changes at about 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

How and where you drive can also affect how often you have to change your engine oil. Some factors include extreme heat, driving where sand and dust are present, as well as towing a trailer. If you don’t have any idea regarding these matters, you should visit a trusted oil change service company like Pep Boys oil change service. In that way, you will be able to know when you should come back, how often, and what more factors can affect your oil change service interval. It is essential to rely on experts when it comes to the maintenance of your car because driving without a properly working engine is not a good idea. You don’t want to risk the lives of your friends, family, and even yourself. Furthermore, if you don’t change your oil according to its proper oil change interval, and if the oil change service is done incorrectly, it is more likely that your engine will not last for long. Therefore, you will have to spend more money when that time comes.

Different Types of Motor Oil

Pep Boys oil change is a great option when it comes to changing your engine oil. With many years of experience, they definitely know how important your vehicle is to your life. They even have 750 locations nationwide with over 20,000 professional technicians to serve you and deliver the best Pep Boys oil change service. They assure you that their Pep Boys oil change and other auto services will deliver a great vehicle performance while keeping your vehicle reliable and safe at all times. For them, customer satisfaction is their top priority. As a matter of fact, they have a better way of scheduling auto services appointment like Pep Boys oil change according to the convenience of their clients. You can schedule your next Pep Boys oil change or any service easily by visiting their website and set appointment online.

The Importance of Proper Oil Changes

“Oil Changes” tend to play a very important role in the longevity of engines. Vehicles that are lubricated properly would last longer and serve better. This is because the engine requires lubricants to move freely and smoothly. In the absence of oil, the chassis would witness friction and too-much heat. This will kill your vehicle’s performance and ruin your drive experience. When you lubricate a vehicle, you will minimize friction and avoid the conjunction of metallic surfaces.

Predestined Oil Changes

As you purchase a new vehicle, you should engage in oil changes after a predestined mileage. The mileage would be denoted in the car’s auto-manual. Moreover, dealers will advise you to visit them after a certain mileage. When you take the car to its distributor, he/she would check its oil level. If the oil level is well below a certain threshold, the distributor would perform an oil change.

Need for oil changes

So, why are oil changes essential? Car engines are tactical components that tend to collect lots of metallic residue, which would interrupt its movement and induce excess friction. Traces of metal residue and burnt oil would affect the lubricant. The liquid would become thicker, stiffer and viscous. This would restrict the lubricant’s movement. A thick lubricant would generate excess heat and prevent the engine’s smooth functionality. In such cases, oil would drip from the chassis. This is an extreme sign that showcases the need for oil changes.

Three fatal consequences

Patrons who delay frequent oil changes should be ready to face the following consequences:

  1. The ultimate cost of a delayed oil change would be more than the conventional ones. This is because mechanics should focus on few more chores. For instance, the oil filters should be cleaned and this proves the presence of more work.
  2. A very late oil change would damage the engine. An engine that is not lubricated properly will experience wear and tear issues. Consequently, it will result in unexpected engine malfunctions.
  3. Did you know that a bad engine will devour a bad drive experience? The ultimate spirit in your drive will depend on the engine and its condition! An engine with restricted movements and increased friction will not delight you with a smooth drive.

An untold truth

In this busy world, car owners don’t have time to engage in oil changes. Consequently, they tend to compromise on the engine’s life span and the drive’s quality.

High quality oil change service with the Pep Boys

Whether you’re a professional who’s always on the go or a laidback person who travels a lot, you need a reliable mode of transportation to keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle. This is why it is important to ensure that your vehicle is well maintained to be ready whenever you need to go some place.

Keeping your car in top quality condition should be one of your priorities. Fortunately, car maintenance need not be a hassle for you. You would want professionals to take care of your car for you — that lessens the work for you and also ensures that you get nothing less than the best possible care. When it comes to car maintenance, there is no other business that will provide you with 100% reliable quality work: that’s the Pep Boys.

With our team of 20,000 technicians, you can be sure you’ll find quality service in any of our 750 locations nationwide. Whatever your vehicle maintenance needs — from changing your tires or changing your motor oil — you can be sure we’ll know exactly what to do.

To ensure your car is in top condition, we recommend changing your oil regularly. With Pep Boys oil change, we offer different packages that suit your different needs. We have five options available, but you can opt to have it customized depending on your preference and needs. Our prices are friendly on the pocket and you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. Furthermore, we do not ask for additional fees related to oil disposal.

Note that each package will include up to five quarts of oil, new oil filter, tire rotation, and a vehicle inspection.

Here’s a look at our high quality oil change packages: for the conventional oil package designed to help your engine perform at its best, it goes for as low as $31.99. Need something more enhanced for your engine? Try our premium conventional oil for as low as $44.99. Need something high mileage? For as low as $54.99, you can avail of our Premium Pennzoil/Castrol High Mileage Oil package. We also offer synthetic oils that can go as low as $64.99 for our Premium Plus Synthetic Oil Change Service. And if you’re looking to go all out, our Mobil1 Synthetic Oil Change Service Package is available for as low as $69.99.

Ready to avail of our services? It’s easy! Simply schedule an appointment with us online or give us a call. We’ll be ready to provide you with a Pep Boys oil change coupon.

Important Facts About Synthetic Oil

Lubricants for automotives are formulated with many additives and base oils. The components are blend to serve a specific purpose. Under normal conditions, the base oils are formed from crude. The base products are also known as “Mineral Oils”.  Apart from mineral oils, another interesting compound is derived from crude. This would be the “Synthetic oil”. The special oil is engineered to work as an efficient lubricant that would optimize your car’s overall performance. Many people consider synthetic oil as a man-made product. This is because the oil is forced to undergo additional chemical changes.

Cost, benefits and Economical nature of Synthetic Oil

Due to the presence of specialized processes, synthetic oil is much more costly than conventional oil varieties. Moreover, many expensive raw materials are used to produce the special oil. This makes the oil more expensive. However, experts consider synthetic oil as an economical creation. The lubricant lasts longer, wears effectively, reduces friction and enhances the engine’s condition. It is quite evident that synthetic oil is famous for its advantageous features and indispensible benefits.

Viscosity, Stability and Consistency of Synthetic Oil

So, is synthetic oil better than mineral-based oils? Recent survey proves that synthetic oil devours a better performance than many other lubricants. Due to its high viscosity index, the lubricant serves flawlessly in adverse weather conditions. The lubricant does not breakdown easily. Hence, it would last longer, increasing your vehicle’s average lifespan. Its lubricity reduces the consumption of fuel and saves the engine from intense wear&tear issues. Additionally, the lubricant’s stable nature reduces pollution by significant amounts.

Semi & Hydro Cracked Varieties of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil comes in different varieties. Each of these structures are engineered to attain a certain level of performance. A common type of synthetic oil would be “The Polyalphaolefins”. Semi synthetic oil is made by mixing man-made chemicals with mineral oil. When compared against the original base oil, the semi-versions are cheap and readily available. Some companies have formulated their very own varieties of synthetic oil. For instance hydro-cracked oil (HC) is a special lubricant with many environmental benefits.

Storage, Use and Disposal of Synthetic Oil

Ultimately, if you are ought to engage in a car oil change session, you should remember to stress on the need for synthetic oil. According to many automobile magazines, synthetic oil is void of problems. The lubricant is easy to handle and safe to store. Generally, the disposal and storage of synthetic oil is easy done than said.

Four Benefits of Synthetic Oil

If you an enthusiastic car owner, you would have thought about “Car Oil” at least once! Also, you should have checked if your car has adequate amounts of un-burnt oil. After all, motor oil must be used if you want an efficient engine. If you are into the act of oil changes, you would have heard of synthetic motor oil. Tales about synthetic blend oil varieties are growing in leaps and bounds. So, why should you use synthetic motor oil? Does the oil have special benefits? Well, in this article you will find answers to these questions. Here are five reasons behind the fame of synthetic motor oil.

Synthetic Oil versus Mineral Oil

“Money” has evolved to be a very important parameter that backs many decisions. Budget conscious individuals and Richies tend to hunt for ways that would help them save few extra bucks. When compared against pure mineral oil, synthetic motor oil is cheap and affordable. Mineral oil is a dilute lubricant that is formulated for costly cars. Moreover, mineral oil is becoming scarce almost every other day. Thus, the oil is not meant for people with tight budgets. In such cases, the synthetic motor oil would seem useful. The oil lasts longer and acts like a perfect lubricant.

A unique Drive Experience with Synthetic Oil

Secondly, the demand for “high performance” is becoming stronger in different fields of work. Cars are regarded as investments, which should showcase a sturdy amount of performance. With the help of synthetic motor oil you can ascertain on a better engine. The oil would boost the natural vigor and life of the car’s engine. This attributes to the oil’s clean and pure nature. Synthetic motor oil prevents the engine from excess torque. Thus, the engine is more likely to run freely and smoothly. This will have a sturdy impact on your drive experience.

Feel the Flow of Synthetic Oil

Thirdly, synthetic motor oil is famous for its easy flowing nature. “Flow” is regarded as a major issue in many oil varieties. Synthetic-blend oil is light and void of impurities. This makes the lubricant perfect for engines and high-performance vehicles. The oil flows through the chassis and removes friction. Consequently, the engine’s mileage and efficiency would increase.

Long Lasting Synthetic Oil

Finally, it is quite interesting to note that synthetic motor oil would last longer. When compared against traditional oil varieties, synthetic-blend oil will last for a greater time duration. Since, it does not suffer rapid evaporation or frequent damage.