A transmission flush is a routine maintenance in a vehicle where all the oil in the transmission is removed, and new oil is then run through it using superior machinery to get rid of goo and filth. The procedure is used to remove fragments and sludge and eliminate all of the used oil. New fresh oil is then introduced.

Many people ignore basic maintenance of this part of their vehicles until problems come knocking. Having a transmission flush every 30,000 miles {recommended distance}.

The Pep Boys transmission flush package is one of the most competitive in the market. Their objective is to offer you an economical package to thoroughly that will efficiently flush your transmission leaving it completely clean.

This is what the Pep Boys Transmission flush package comprises of:

  • Exceptional service by a pep boys highly qualified technician.
  • The introduction of superior transmission chemical intended to flush through and clean your transmission system.
  • Replacement of all current engine fluid with new transmission fluid according to maker’s requirement. 
  • Abrasion transformer where specified.
  • Up to 4 quarts Dexron Mercon 111 fluid costing $6.49 per quart.
  • Superior fuid Dexron 1V+/synthetics [supplementary]

All price of only $129.99

Why don’t you book an appointment to go and see the Pep Boys?

Three signs that your car needs a transmission flush

Transmission grating or abnormal sounds.

vehicles in need on transmission fluid, pay attention. If you’re driving and you hear some odd noises coming from under the hood, stop and check the level of transmission fluid when the engine is still running.

If the level is standard, your vehicle might need a transmission flush.

Slipping gears

A filthy transmission may cause an absence of hydraulic power equivalent to what transmission fluid will cause. If a transmission is too dirty, impurities may impede the movement of transmission fluid that assists with this. If your transmission has no additional difficulties, and the fluid level of the transmission is almost full [or full] the problem is perhaps constrained fluid movement owing to a backlog of grime and impurities that require being flushed out.

Delay in vehicle movement

Another indication that your vehicle could have adulterated transmission fluid is that the instant before moving when put in gear. If there are no additional problems with the transmission, a transmission flush may help.

You ought to be alert that if the vehicle is showing these indicators, your filthy transmission may have already caused greater problems.

Go ahead, book an appointment to see the Pep Boys if your vehicle has been showing any of these signs lately.