Royal Purple 5W-30 motor oil review: The colour of premium

Motor oil is one of those things we all know to be a vital part of ensuring smooth operation of your vehicle, and yet at the same time, it’s also something we tend to pay very little attention to. It’s neither glamourous nor visible, and thus tends to be something that fades away from the average motorist’s mind, regardless of how essential it may be.

It goes without saying, of course, that motor oil plays a pivotal role in determining how healthy your engine is running at any given moment. Essentially, it provides protection against all the moving parts inside your motor from rubbing against each other; you never want metal-on-metal action! It also helps distribute heat effectively and safely away from the sensitive components. Oil that’s past its prime condition will seriously hamper the thermal and lubricative performance of your expensive machine, so it’s imperative that not only you keep an eye on your oil level and age, but that you also choose a reputable and quality brand, too.

Motor oil is more sophisticated than you may think. It may not seem that obvious at first, but it would be unwise to just put any old oil into any old vehicle. Yes, they may all aim to achieve the same objectives as one another, but different oils are tweaked and optimised somewhat to unlock the best possible performance. Those random numbers with the ‘W’ in the middle have a significant meaning. The number before the ‘W’ is the viscosity of the oil at low temperatures, and the number after is the viscosity at normal engine operating temperatures. Typically, numbers range from 0 to 50; 5W-30 motor oil is very commonplace as it’s an excellent middle ground that copes from bitterly cold weather to all but the very hottest weather Earth has to offer.

That leads us very nicely on to the product we’re focussing on today: 5W-30 motor oil from Royal Purple. As the name gently suggests, Royal Purple positions itself on the more premium area of the motor oil market spectrum. It claims that its “premium synthetic motor oil and synthetic lubricants have been designed to improve performance in all conditions and provide cleaner operation, better mileage and decreased oil change frequency.” They also, rather boldly, claim that “Royal Purple is the obvious choice to maximize performance.”

Is there any truth to these claims, and more importantly, is it worth shelling out the extra money for premium motor oil compared to your standard off-the-shelf examples?

First thing’s first, that colour. True to its name, Royal Purple comes out as a deep, luscious purple – something truly to behold. It almost feels wrong putting something so weirdly coloured inside your vehicle, but at the end of the day once it’s in your motor, you’ll probably never really see it again. It’s likely nothing more than a novelty, but it does make the oil stand out from the hugely crowded market competition.

Users and experts across the motoring industries report generally good things about Royal Purple motor oil. A big selling point is the supposed longer periods you can go before changing the oil, as Royal Purple has been designed with durability in mind. Though more expensive to buy initially, money-conscious motorists will appreciate the much longer intervals between changes. Instead of the typical 5,000-mile oil service interval, you should be able to quite comfortably go up to 12,000 miles with Royal Purple before having to make a change.

The well-known and very respected car mechanic and online personality Scotty Kilmer also gave his shining endorsement to Royal Purple. “Royal Purple oil is an excellent oil. I have friends who race cars, and they use Royal Purple – they swear by it – it’s good oil.” However, he also noted that standard ‘Amazon Basics’ fully synthetic oil “works quite well” for half the price.

Royal Purple has a deep and rooted connection with the motorsports industry. They are the title sponsor for 2019’s Grand Prix of Indianapolis, which is a coveted and shining endorsement for the brand. A motorsport as prestigious as Indycar would not want a dodgy car product as their main sponsor for an event.

To conclude, Royal Purple is an excellent motor oil with endorsements and testimonials coming from almost every corner of the motoring community. Its proven synthetic blend (and of course, that amazing colour) is a hit with consumers and racers alike; it will likely never let you down. It does carry a hefty price premium, though, and it’s perhaps worth asking yourself if there’s any real need to upgrade if you are a casual driver who doesn’t do that many miles. After all, a cheaper synthetic oil will suffice decently.