Sears Oil Change Coupon and Prices

Oil changes are essential to keep you car running smoothly, and prevent costly repairs in the future. However, for a budget conscious person it is beneficial to look to coupons to save money on things such as oil changes. There are a variety of companies that do oil changes, and one of the respectable companies is Sears. Sears has an automotive shop at most locations, and car owners can get basic services like oil changes, tire rotations, etc. Fortunately, currently there are two Sears oil change coupons on the Sears website.

Sears Auto Oil Change Prices

Most locations support the offer standard change to include up to 5 quarts of oil and standard oil filter.
Conventional Oil Change$29.99
Full Synthetic Oil Change$69.99
High Mileage Oil Change$49.99

The first coupon will save the car owner eight dollars, and can be used on a synthetic or high mileage oil change. It is available for almost every vehicle on the market, so people should not have an issue with their car not being included. Certain commercial cars will not be including because of the nature of Sears repair shops. The coupon is valid until December 31, 2011, however one needs to get it off the Sears site by December 10, 2011. It is also not to be used with any other coupon or discount. Only one coupon is allowed per customer.

The second coupon is for a conventional oil change for $21.99. This coupon will save the car owner about five dollars. Again it is available on most vehicles. Only one coupon can be used per purchase. This Sears oil change coupon is good until December 31, 2011 also, and like the first coupon must be gotten off the site by December 10, 2011.

Both coupons can be printed at home. There are no iphone apps for Sears coupons. Both of these Sears oil change coupons are void where prohibited by law.

To find either Sears oil change coupon go to the main page of Sears website, and look to the left hand corner for the local ad. Once you locate it, click on the link with your mouse and you will be taken to another page. This page will show the cover of the ad. On the left hand side again there is a pull down menu, with various departments, scroll down to the automotive section, and click the link. Once again you will be taken to a new page. The conventional Sears oil change coupon is the first coupon under the automotive section. To find the synthetic or high mileage Sears oil change coupon scroll down, and it’s between a seat coupon and shocks coupon.

Two valuable Sears oil change coupons offered directly from the Sears website. If a household has more than one car, an easy way to get around the one coupon rule, is simply to bring your spouse, or teen driver. They can then pay and use one of the coupons. This way you can use two of the same coupons for one household, or one or the other. Just make sure that person has money to pay individually. It doesn’t matter if that person is the owner of the car or not, Sears will gladly take the coupon. These coupons are a good value, because you save money, and get an oil change done at a company that has a good reputation.