Sears Oil Change Prices & Coupons

Sears automotive center

In a bid to expand its business activities in the US and Canada, Sears Holdings opened up the Sears Automotive Business that later launched the Sears Auto Center in the year 2010. This is a franchise program that was established with the aim of offering owners and dealers of automobile products with the opportunity to run Sears Auto Centers through licensing agreements (Sears Auto Center, 2017). The first Sears Auto Center to be opened is the Coleman Auto Group of East Windsor that is located in New Jersey. According to the company’s website, Sears Auto Centers are essential stores that provide customer services, excellent auto services, and workmanship by technicians who are certified by the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) (Sears Auto Center, 2017).

These centers also sell other equipment from automobile dealers, and that are basic to automobile owners. The auto center sells a variety of automobile tires for different types of automobiles, and hence, providing buyers with a variety of choice (Sears Auto Center, 2017). Apart from selling tires at lower and affordable prices, there are a number of other related services that the center offer. These include wheel alignment, rotation and balancing, and tire pressure check.

The Sears auto center also sells reliable and long lasting automobile batteries, for example, Die Hard Batteries (Sears Auto Center, 2017). In relation to this, the auto center offers services such as battery diagnostic testing using state of the art equipment, reliable advice on the right battery for client’s cars and trucks, and battery replacement services. The technicians at the center remove and replace car batteries within fifteen minutes to save client’s time.

The Sears auto center also provides car and truck diagnostic services to establish their conditions (Sears Auto Center, 2017). The ASE certified technicians at the centers use computerized diagnostic tests on client’s cars to check the alignment of the car, the car’s computer system, the car’s battery, and tires to identify and rectify any issue. The center carries out a whole 120-point inspection through a Diehard 360° vehicle assessment. The DieHard assessment checks the condition of the automobile’s brakes, steering wheel, the engine, and the vehicles alignment (Sears Auto Center, 2017).

Sears automotive oil change service

Another unique aspect of Sear Holding is the Sears automotive oil change services. In this category, Sears advice automobile owners on the type of oil change that is suitable for their cars and trucks (Sears Auto Center, 2017).  The oil change services are offered by Valvoline, which is a company that has been inventing and re-inventing motor oil for more than 90 years (Sears Auto Center, 2017). Sears offer to their clients the Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil, which is associated with several benefits, for example, keeping the car and truck engine clean, reduced oil consumption during mileage, improved gas mileage, and improved oxidation control.

Sears automotive oil change services offer a variety of car and truck oils at affordable prices to their dedicated clients. These include the Conventional Oil Change that goes at $17.99 and which is appropriate for automobiles that are used on a daily basis (Sears Auto Center, 2017). The other oil product is the MaxLife oil Change, which is suitable for use in almost all types of car and trucks regardless of their mileage or age. This oil change service is offered at $36.99. The third offer is the SynPower Oil Change that is sold at $51.99. This particular oil change service offers maximum protection to the engine of the car and boosts its performance as well.

The Sears automotive oil change service also includes providing standardized tire inflation according to the recommendation of Pounds per Square Inch (Sears Auto Center, 2017). The technicians also provide a snapshot of performance such as visually checking belts, air filters, and tires. Clients are also offered a standard oil filter and five quartz of oil during the oil change services. To help clients make appropriate choices of the oil that is suited for their cars, the oil change service center provides a checklist of standards to look out for. For example, one should select an oil that combat sludge, reduce wear, and extend the life of the engine (Sears Auto Center, 2017).

Sears Auto Oil Change Prices

Most locations support the offer standard change to include up to 5 quarts of oil and standard oil filter.
Conventional Oil Change$29.99
Full Synthetic Oil Change$69.99
High Mileage Oil Change$49.99

Oil changes are essential to keep you car running smoothly, and prevent costly repairs in the future. However, for a budget conscious person it is beneficial to look to coupons to save money on things such as oil changes. There are a variety of companies that do oil changes, and one of the respectable companies is Sears. Sears has an automotive shop at most locations, and car owners can get basic services like oil changes, tire rotations, etc. Fortunately, currently there are two Sears oil change coupons on the Sears website.

The first coupon will save the car owner eight dollars, and can be used on a synthetic or high mileage oil change. It is available for almost every vehicle on the market, so people should not have an issue with their car not being included. Certain commercial cars will not be including because of the nature of Sears repair shops. The coupon is valid until December 31, 2011, however one needs to get it off the Sears site by December 10, 2011. It is also not to be used with any other coupon or discount. Only one coupon is allowed per customer.

The second coupon is for a conventional oil change for $21.99. This coupon will save the car owner about five dollars. Again it is available on most vehicles. Only one coupon can be used per purchase. This Sears oil change coupon is good until December 31, 2011 also, and like the first coupon must be gotten off the site by December 10, 2011.

Both coupons can be printed at home. There are no iphone apps for Sears coupons. Both of these Sears oil change coupons are void where prohibited by law.

To find either Sears oil change coupon go to the main page of Sears website, and look to the left hand corner for the local ad. Once you locate it, click on the link with your mouse and you will be taken to another page. This page will show the cover of the ad. On the left hand side again there is a pull down menu, with various departments, scroll down to the automotive section, and click the link. Once again you will be taken to a new page. The conventional Sears oil change coupon is the first coupon under the automotive section. To find the synthetic or high mileage Sears oil change coupon scroll down, and it’s between a seat coupon and shocks coupon.

Two valuable Sears oil change coupons offered directly from the Sears website. If a household has more than one car, an easy way to get around the one coupon rule, is simply to bring your spouse, or teen driver. They can then pay and use one of the coupons. This way you can use two of the same coupons for one household, or one or the other. Just make sure that person has money to pay individually. It doesn’t matter if that person is the owner of the car or not, Sears will gladly take the coupon. These coupons are a good value, because you save money, and get an oil change done at a company that has a good reputation.

About Sears

Sears Holdings Corporation is currently ranked among the leading integrated retail stores that are focused on meeting the needs of their consumers by connecting the physical and digital shopping experiences at the convenience of shoppers (Sears Brand, LLC., 2017). Sears holding rewards their shoppers for purchasing products from their stores or partners such as Kmart and Roebuck. This company provides business opportunities such as automotive services and real estate services. The Sears Company has its vendors and suppliers who deliver the right products from the company in a timely manner. The success of Sears is attributed to the company’s unique culture of prioritizing its clients in all its operations. The company is upholding accountability in its transactions and embraces communication and feedback which helps the company to improve its services. To provide more insight on the company’s automotive services, this paper is going to examine the history of Sears, its automotive center and the oil change services.

History of Sears

Sears Holdings Corporation started in the year 1893 as a watch retail store that was opened in Chicago under the name Sears, Roebuck Co. (Clark, n.d.)). In the year 1899, an entrepreneur known as Sebastian Kresge Spering opened up Kmart to sell dime and modest nickel in Detroit City. In the year 2004, Kmart announced that it would purchase Sears, Roebuck & Co. The purchase transaction that was completed in the year 2005 when the two companies merged to form one corporation, Sears and Kmart Holdings; however, the companies continue to sell products under their original brand names (Clark, n.d.).  After the merger, Sears operated under the name Sears and Kmart Holdings. The new corporation acquired a larger financial power and engaged in the purchase and acquisition of smaller companies from Walmart and other retail stores.

In the year 2006, Sears introduced Sears Essentials, which is a new format of stores that were based on the concept and format of both Sears and Kmart. The new design was strategic because it provided Sear and Kmart Holdings with the much desired competitive edge in the market to compete with larger stores such as Target and Walmart (Clark, n.d.). After years in the market, the concept was changed by the corporation’s management to Sears Grand Concept which allowed the corporation to cross-sell their products between its two major brands, Sears and Kmart.

In 2007, Sears announced a merger with Restoration Hardware, after which it owned an estimated 14% of the Hardware Company (Clark, n.d.). A year later, was launched by Sears to connect its clients with local contractors, a service that they charged at 10% of the whole contract. Despite the several acquisitions and launching of new projects, Sears Corporation has recorded constant losses, and in 2011, more than 100 stores belonging to Kmart and Sears were closed. A year later all the Nine Great Indoor Store of Sears were also closed down. In 2016 and 2017, the management of Sears Holdings has taken strategic measures to regain its position in the market, for example, by distributing its products beyond Kmart and Sears (Clark, n.d.). The company is also engaged in partnerships with other similar companies to expand its market share beyond USA and Canada.



In summary, Sears is a leading service provider to automobile dealers and owners. In the year 2010, Sears Holdings opened up the Sears Automotive business to offer automobile dealers and owners the opportunity to run Sears Auto Centers through licensing. Sears automotive center sells high-quality tire and battery services to clients. To help in car owners to keep their cars in good condition, Sears offers quality oil change services. Besides, the company advises car owners on the type of oil that is suitable for their cars.


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