Valvoline Oil Change Price

Do you need an oil change and other care repair or maintenance services? The Valvoline oil change price is good value for money because the company provides top-notch customer service and many services. Valvoline introduced the motor oil in 1866 and has since continued to take it to newer and better heights. The company has stood by its clients’ side for years, determined to respond to the ever-increasing and naturally-evolving requirements of motorists vis-a-vis the care and protection of their vehicles.

When Rapid Oil Change, Instant Oil Change, and Dipstick were acquired in 1986, the company became the second-biggest chain of service centers in the quick-lubrication trade in the United States. Its track record in this business is hard to beat. The organization has around nine hundred shops across the nation and continues to develop new businesses. Because of its strong presence in various places, it has quickly grown into a company perceived as readily accessible, and able to provide quick, convenient, and trust-worthy services. The price changes depending on the type of oil or service you need. You can get discounts and avail of promos when you get a Valvoline instant oil change coupon. Choosing Valvoline reduces your maintenance and repair costs because of the value they put into their services and products.

Current Valvoline Oil Change Price and Additional Service Pricing

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ServicePosted Price
Premium Conventional Oil Change$39.99
Extra Quart Charge$4.99
NextGen Conventional Oil Change$44.99
Extra Quart Charge$4.99
Maxlife Synthetic Blend$59.99
Extra Oil Charge$5.99
NextGen Maxlife Full synthetic$89.99
Extra Quart Charge$8.99
Synpower Synthetic Oil Change$89.99
Extra Quart Charge$8.99
Serpentine Belt Replacement$79.99*
Battery Replacement$119.99*
Light Bulb Replacement $11.99 *
Gear Box$49.99*
Power Steering Flush$99.99 *
Cooling / Radiator Flush$99.99 *
Wiper Replacement$12.99*
Cabin Air Filter Replacement$49.99
Manual Transmission$79.99*
Tire Rotation$21.99
Fuel Filter Service$69.99*
A/C Service$129.99
Air Filter Replacement$21.99*
Entire Fuel System Cleaner$79.99
*Starting At

The fluids that we refill are:

  • Oil (no charge)
  • Washer Fluid (no charge)
  • Power Steering Fluid (no charge)
  • * Coolant $4.00 per quart
  • Transmission Fluid (no charge)

Tire Pressure is also checked and set to manufacturer’s specifications.

  • We carry and install only Valvoline branded fluids and services.
  • Our Team of Super-Pro Certified Technicians are ready to serve you. Oil Change services include up to 5 quarts of oil, a new Oil Filter, and a thorough maintenance check.

Three major pricing factors

Unlike many other vehicle maintenance routines, oil change can be customized to en suite with your budget. A clear list of the market’s oil prices will help you devise a suitable plan. On the other hand, remember that the cost of an oil change will depend on many factors like the time, the vehicle and labor. Here are three questions that will judge your oil change prices. If your car is new and expensive, you should be prepared to witness a costly oil change.

Three Questions That will Judge Your Oil Change Prices

When your car or van requires an immediate oil change, you will definitely search for the town’s cheapest offers. Generally, everyone makes decision based on the amount of money they should spend! Conversely, automotive companies, workshops and mechanics tend to offer competitive oil change prices. This is why you should do lots of homework before deciding on a specific service station. Never expect two different companies to offer you similar oil change prices and features. The services will differ drastically. This is because every other company wishes to attract new clients.

What Kind of Changes Do You need? Are You looking for the Finest?

The oil change prices are determined by many important parameters. Mostly, the price you pay will be based on the lubricant’s quality. Patrons, who opt for high quality oil, should be ready to shed some extra cash. For instance, synthetic oil is an efficient lubricant, used by experts and racers. The oil is void of dust, greases, contaminants and pollutants. This is a major reason behind the lubricant’s lucrative price. Due to its pure nature, mechanics should be focused and extremely careful when they engage in synthetic-based oil changes. Conversely, customers should be ready for a costly oil change quote! When compared against traditional oil changes, procedures with synthetic blend routines would be more expensive.

Where Do You Live? Is it a developed town?

Secondly, the oil change prices will depend on your location. Patrons in urban regions and busy cities must pay more. This attributes to the presence of a state of art technology. Flawless services will not be offered for free! Big names like Valvoline Service Stations, EZ Lube, Jiffy Lube and Quick Oil Change will ask for few extra dollars. If you want to enjoy high-quality services, trust me, you should pay at least an extra of USD 5.

How Great Is your Car? Is it well maintained?

Thirdly, the oil change prices will be based on your car’s condition. Vehicles that are filled with black, greasy oil will require more maintenance than the brand new ones. In such cases, the service station will ask you to pay a bigger bill! According to a recent survey, the oil change prices would rise from USD 20 to USD 60, in a poorly maintained car. If you wish to cut down this cost, you must engage in frequent car maintenance routines.

What are the services by Valvoline?

Valvoline offers quality services, not only for oil change but also for the proper maintenance of your vehicle. The Valvoline instant oil change coupon you get will provide you with good value for every cent you end up spending.


Valvoline offers a variety of services that ensure that your car is always working at top level. The company provides good value Valvoline oil change price to ensure that the parts of your car are working efficiently. You need to have the oil and fluids changed on a regular basis so that nothing goes wrong. The fluids or oils of the transmission, brake, radiator, or other parts of your car need to be changed every now and then. The crew at Valvoline uses different kinds of oils depending on the needs of customers. The MaxLife Motor Oil offered by Valvoline

adds protection for stop and go driving and for cars that need higher mileage. The company also provides environmentally conscious customers with 50% re-refined and recycled NextGen Motor Oil. The variety of motor oils provided by Valvoline ensures that your car gets the oil or fluids it needs to run smoothly at all times. You can also get good mileage and extend the useful life of your car when you use Valvoline products on it.

Aside from excellent motor oils, Valvoline offers maintenance services for busy customers. The company understands that you will not always have time to maintain your car that is why they will do it for you. Most of the services that Valvoline offers can be done quickly so that you will be back on the road in 20 minutes. You also do not have to step out of your vehicle because the technicians and repairmen can fix your car while you are inside. The technicians check every inch of your vehicle to ensure that all repairs are done efficiently. Your car may need a tire rotation or transmission flush or any other service the technicians can do all of these for you. The technicians also check the security features of your vehicle from the tail and head lights to the batteries.

Motor Oil Change Services

The company uses high quality and state-of-the-art motor oil for vehicles that avail of their services. Valvoline offers synthetic motor oil, synthetic blend motor oil, conventional motor oil, NextGen motor oil, and diesel motor oil. The MaxLife motor oil provides better mileage and stop-go driving. The NextGen motor oil offered by Valvoline helps conserve natural resources by using recycled and refined motor oil. The company provides an engine guarantee that insures the life of your car up to 300,000 miles. The company offers SuperProTM Certified Technicians to ensure that all your queries are answered and your engine in top shape.

Maintenance Services

The Valvoline instant oil change coupon gives greater value because you can also avail of other services one of which is maintenance. The company offers maintenance services on the spot, wherever you may be. For most of the services offered by Valvoline, you can stay in your vehicle while the technicians or repairmen do their thing. Best of all, your car can get back on the road after a few minutes. Regular maintenance ensures that your car is at top performance all the time. Regular maintenance keeps the parts of your car efficient. You will be able to get the most out of your vehicle when you have it regularly maintained.

The company also helps you keep track of the maintenance or repair schedule of your car based on the recommendations of your car’s manufacturer. You may not remember the last time you needed to replace your tires or flush out the old transmission fluid. Valvoline’s staff will ensure that your car’s maintenance and repair schedule is followed to the letter.

Vehicle Safety Services

Get more value out of the Valvoline instant oil change coupon by using the vehicle safety services offered by this company. The company checks all the safety features of your vehicle to make sure that your car meets safety standards. The technician checks the batteries, seat belts, head lights, rear lights, and other features.

Fleet Services

The company offers fast and efficient in and out services for all kinds of cars. There are 850 service centers that will be willing to help you solve the problems of your vehicle from repair to maintenance. The company provides a diverse array of services that can solve plenty of car related problems. The service centers listen to what customers say. The company allows clients to customize the maintenance schedule and services they are looking for. The company provides different payment methods for the fleet services they offer.

The Valvoline instant oil change coupon provides you with discounts and promotions.

Bottom Line

By looking at the services rendered by Valvoline, the Valvoline instant oil change coupon you get has more value than you think. The company provides clients with a plethora of maintenance and oil change services that will keep your car in top form year in and year out.

Changing the oil of your vehicle does wonders to it. Regular oil change keeps your car and its parts fluid. By changing oil on a regular basis, you no longer have to worry about frequent break downs. The oil you put in your vehicle affects its performance that is why it is important to take note of what you put in your car. Valvoline provides customers with different kinds of oil based on need.
The company offers synthetic motor oil, synthetic blend motor oil, diesel motor oil, NextGen motor oil, and conventional motor oil. These different kinds of motor oil ensure that your car or truck is working at full capacity.

Aside from providing quality motor oil and services, the company also renders preventive car care. The company will check your tires if they are due for extra pressure or tie rotation. Maybe you need to replace the transmission fluid? The service crew of Valvoline will ensure that your transmission is working at a high level. The company will also check your radiator to avoid a sudden break down in the middle of nowhere in a highway. The service crew will change the radiator fluid if necessary.

The differential fluid of your vehicle is important because the gearbox controls the power and torque of the transmission and wheels. Without changing the oil, using the gearbox and controlling the torque of your wheels will be much harder than it should be. The service crew will also check your air filter to make sure that your car’s engine is working perfectly. Removing the dust and dirt that block air flow also improves effectiveness of your car’s engine. You get good value when you avail of the Valvoline instant oil change coupon you find online.

There are also services offered to customers when they need to upgrade, maintain, or repair the safety features of their vehicle. The service crew will check the seatbelts, headlights, rear lights, batteries, and other safety features of your vehicle to ensure that you, your passengers, and car are safe and secure whenever you drive. It is best to properly maintain your car’s safety features to avoid accidents from occurring.

Ins and Outs of Oil Change routines

Novice drivers believe that you would save lots of money, when you do your very own oil change! However, the thing is, the process will not save you several thousand dollars. Experienced mechanics and local chains will be aware of the tasks ins and outs! They will know the science behind oil change routines. Thus, they will offer you competitive plans and deals. This is because local shops work in huge volumes. The profit would be distributed across many vehicles. Funny as it sounds, a simple oil change routine in experienced centers would start from USD 20.

Deals & offers

Secondly, good auto-repair centers will delight you with indispensible discounts and offers! For instance, you might come across eye catchy synthetic oil coupons. These coupons will let you save several hundred dollars from your so-called-costly bills.

An interesting experiment

Did you know that improper oil change routines will ruin the actual performance of your vehicle? When you get into hard-core changes, you should make use of proper equipment and appropriate methodologies. If you are a newbie, the entire process might seem like a huge experiment. If you wish to save yourself from extra costs and unforeseen expenditures, you should approach the professionals.

A decent oil change experience!

So, how much does an oil change cost? The figure would differ from one mechanic to another. Oil changes in troubled cars will be much more expensive than the charge incurred by a good vehicle. Hence, you should be ready to spend at least USD 50 for a decent oil change in local garages.

Maxlife High Mileage Oil from Valvoline

They continue to study and assess the variety of engine-types and driving conditions/styles, with the end in mind of developing and upgrading motor oils responsive to these exacting needs. With the recent growing concerns for the environment, the company has come up with a superior motor oil that is environment-friendly as well.

The brand is known world-wide, reputed for its being technologically advanced and its powerful efficiency. It is highly visible the world over, its presence strong in 100 countries or so. It has established a stronghold in the industry and is considered one of the principal players in the field of automotive/industrial products and

What are the benefits of choosing Valvoline?

You can benefit from the many services and discount coupons offered by Valvoline. The company covers different kinds of services that meet the needs of customers such as quality oil change services with Valvoline. The prices of the services are also quite affordable. You can save more money and get good value for every cent you spend. You can easily reduce expenses for the repair and maintenance of your vehicle when you choose the services of Valvoline. The customizable maintenance services ensure that your car gets personal care of the highest quality. With regular maintenance, your car will be able to perform at top level every time you use it. The company also provides high quality motor oil to customers who need to get the most out of their vehicle.

Quality oil change services with Valvoline

In a fast-paced world, you need a well-functioning vehicle to keep up with your needs. Mobility is the name of the game for successful individuals always on the go to the next big adventure. That’s why it’s important to make sure your vehicle can keep up with the lifestyle you lead. Making sure your vehicle is well maintained should be one of your topnotch concerns. For that, you can be sure to depend on the topnotch, high quality services of Valvoline. For more than a hundred years, our company — the business unit of Ashland Inc, which specializes in chemical products — has been the go-to of many for professional automotive maintenance services and products. We are a brand name you can trust for all your car maintenance needs.

Valvoline provides high quality oil change services that are the best value for money for your vehicle. Simply visit any of our 825 franchised and corporate locations — it’s so easy to find a nearby service center that allows for preventive maintenance services and oil change services.

What can we offer you? Because we care about the maintenance of your vehicle, we offer services that guarantee your vehicle will be on its best condition. We offer full oil change, a process that we recommend that you avail of every three months to ensure maximum performance of your engine.

If you are not sure which kind of motor oil you should choose for your vehicle, just approach any of our highly skilled and trained technicians in any of our service centers across the country to help you out. You may choose a conventional motor oil, which will be best in all climates and temperatures. If you need to fight causes of engine breakdown like deposits and leaks, then try our higher mileage motor oil. For vehicles that frequently face challenging driving conditions, make sure your engine is best protected by using the Valvoline synthetic oil. For diesel engines, you can’t go wrong with our diesel automotive oil. For motorcycles and ATV, we also have oils specifically geared towards these vehicles. Whatever vehicle that suits your needs, we also have the corresponding motor oils that provide the best protection and service to keep your engines in top condition.

Simply avail of our Valvoline instant oil change coupon to get your vehicle serviced. Our excellent services will make sure that you get nothing less than 100% reliable work from us. Shift to synthetic lubricants with oil change coupons to get the best deals in town.

Visit for more information on our high quality services that most car owners trust. No other car maintenance service offers the same high quality work that we provide. We have been in this business for decades, earning a name for ourselves as the trusted car care provider. Aside from oil change services, we also offer several other car maintenance services like replacing your car’s battery, replacing light bulb and wipers, rotating your tires and offering radiator services, among other high quality offerings. With our trusted services, you won’t look to any other car care provider for your needs. Just trust Valvoline for 100% reliable work.

The Market’s Best Motor Oil

If you wish to drive without any tussles or hassles, you should maintain the chassis properly. Always remember that the “engine” is the vehicle’s heart. Just like many other mechanical components, the engine requires lubrication. Vehicle oil is governed by many certifications, qualities and standards. Well graded oil varieties will help you identify the vehicle’s motor! In this article, you will read about the markets best motor oil.

Why is Synthetic Oil Famous?

The concept of engine lubrication would remain incomplete without “Synthetic Oil”. A lot of people focus on synthetic-based oil varieties when they deal with oil changes. Why is this oil extremely famous? Why do experts and drivers regard synthetic-based oil as the best? Technically, synthetic oil is absorbed easily. Its innate particles and closed formulation is absorbed to create a smoother surface. This makes synthetic oil superior than conventional lubricants and fluids.

Features of Synthetic Oil

According to many journal reports, synthetic oil is easy and smooth on automobiles. The lubricant improves the vehicle’s gas mileage. The oil lasts longer than traditional oil varieties. Additionally, it is the market’s best motor oil due to its “Resistance” and “Stability”. Even in the midst of extreme climates and operating temperatures, the oil works amazingly. This is a major reason behind the oil’s high price. However, the oil is worth every penny you spend.

Lubricate With Synthetic Oil

Driving during the cold winter season is regarded as a massive challenge by many patrons. The vehicle would face common start up issues. If you wish to save your engine from intense wear and tear issues, you should choose the market’s best motor oil and try to use car service coupons. A “Good motor oil” will prepare your vehicle for the cold season. Consequently, you will enjoy a better driving experience.

Reduce Your Operational Cost

Chassis with excess friction will use up lots of energy. When you minimize friction, the energy consumption would decrease gradually. Conversely, synthetic oil will help you decrease your operational costs. The fluid flows smoothly through various components and warms the surface. The wax free composition produces a better heating effect. Thus, the presence of friction would decrease remarkably. In fact, reduced friction will save you from many repairs.

Ultimate Bottomline

When you look for best motor oil varieties, remember to eye on synthetic-based oil. The lubricant is marked with multi-grade viscosity and check the facts and figures on Valvoline oil change. It will make your vehicle a lot more efficient and prevent the need for frequent oil change routines.

Why use a Valvoline oil change coupon?

By using a Valvoline instant oil change coupon, you will be able to reduce your car repair and maintenance expenses. The coupon you get a high quality oil change service with Valvoline at a great value for each of the services you avail. The coupon has discounts and promos that you will not find anywhere else. You can fit your car repair or maintenance services perfectly into your budget when you avail of these coupons.

High quality oil change service with Valvoline

With a fast-paced lifestyle, you need a car that can keep up with all your activities. That’s why it’s important to have your car regularly maintained to ensure it’s ready to hit the road when you do.

Don’t worry about digging deep into your pockets just to give your car the best possible care. With Valvoline, you can be guaranteed that our services will always be in the best interests of our customers, so you can be sure you’re getting nothing less than the best quality work. With us, you’re trusting reliable and expert technicians who are more than capable to handle your car maintenance needs.

We understand how time is of the essence for our customers, so our customer service guarantee is the speed of our service. Come in for our drive-thru oil changes and we can have your car ready to hit the road in 15 minutes or less — yes, it’s that quick. We’re ready to do work on the spot while you wait. And with over 850 stores across the United States, there’s sure to be one near you that will be ready to service your car needs.

Need to have you car serviced? No problem, just come in and avail of our Valvoline instant oil change coupon, choose from our oil change packages, and we’ll get right to work. Our full-service oil change is the best value for money, as we provide 5 quarts of high quality oil, a new oil filter, and lubrication of chassis components. We’ll also give your car an inspection while we change your oil. You won’t get a better deal than that.

For years, our business has been dedicated to protecting and enhancing the performance of car engines through our high quality motor oils that are geared for specific driving conditions and engine types. We offer a myriad of options, such as conventional motor oil, synthetic motor oil, synthetic blend motor oil, diesel motor oil, and NextGen motor oil. If you’re not sure which one to get, let our friendly technicians help you decide.

Our high quality services don’t mean high prices. The Valvoline oil change price is the best value for money you won’t find anywhere else.

Choose Valvoline and you’ll get the benefit of both our high quality oils and our speedy reliable oil change service. That’s professional work guaranteed 100% to give your engine the best performance ever. You won’t look for any other car service center who can equal our work. For more information, visit

Where can you get a Valvoline instant oil change coupon?

You can easily get your hands on a Valvoline instant oil change coupon by searching online. The company offers coupons to customers whenever they visit or sign-up in the website. The coupons can also be used online. You no longer have to worry about the expenses for the car repair and maintenance of your vehicle when you get a coupon.